Mustard Bike Style

4 May 2021

I feel like I have forgotten how to blog, so this post will be an exercise in waking up my blogging muscles. Obviously, I didn't blog a lot in 2020 because aside from spending every waking minute working on the Pride and Prejudice podcast I've now completed, I was just generally having a full life crisis because of *gestures vaguely* all of this, ya know?

Anyway, it turns out that I still have mad love for riding a bike and I'm now reunited with my bike. I have been calling her Duchess since I first got her ten or so years ago. If you like skating, I highly recommend riding a bike as well. It feels like flying. Also, if you haven't ridden for years you really must try it. As adults, we get so few opportunities to feel like we're active or playing or using our whole bodies. Riding a bike feels pretty jolly liberating.

I've got a new buddy helping me out with photos. Her name is Sophie!

End word. Commence picture scrolling.

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