Mustard Bike Style

4 May 2021

I feel like I have forgotten how to blog, so this post will be an exercise in waking up my blogging muscles. Obviously, I didn't blog a lot in 2020 because aside from spending every waking minute working on the Pride and Prejudice podcast I've now completed, I was just generally having a full life crisis because of *gestures vaguely* all of this, ya know?

Anyway, it turns out that I still have mad love for riding a bike and I'm now reunited with my bike. I have been calling her Duchess since I first got her ten or so years ago. If you like skating, I highly recommend riding a bike as well. It feels like flying. Also, if you haven't ridden for years you really must try it. As adults, we get so few opportunities to feel like we're active or playing or using our whole bodies. Riding a bike feels pretty jolly liberating.

I've got a new buddy helping me out with photos. Her name is Sophie!

End word. Commence picture scrolling.

Sunset in the Sunflowers

1 Mar 2021

When I went to create this post, I thought to myself that as I hadn't been very active on my blog over the last year, it would be going live only a few posts after my last blog post about the sunflowers. It turns out that I never ended up sharing the sunflower post last time. I shared a pic from Josh Davis on my Instagram and Facebook and that was all! If I can find the motivation in this current hellscape, I might go back and add it to the blog at some point.

On the weekend my sister and I went to the last summer picking session for the sunflowers. A little birdie told us that there might be more, so keep an eye out if you are interested by following them on their social media accounts. Pick Your Own Sunflowers is located just outside of my hometown of Ballarat (affectionately called Ballafornia by the local Ballafornians).

This year I wanted to reimagine the cover of the 1913 Harper's Bazaar magazine that I've included above. 

Tips for visiting the sunflowers.

1. Bring your own secateurs. If you do forget, this year they were selling them for $5 at the gate.
2. Wear sensible shoes. I know I'm wearing heels in this picture, but I carried them in just for the shot.
3. Take a picnic and enjoy the day!
3. Sunflowers are quite scratchy so if you get irritated skin from hayfever an antihistamine will help.
4. Pictures will look lovely any time of day but if you want golden hour pictures, look out for a twilight session.
5. Dress to make your photos look stunning by wearing sky blue, white, yellow, or beige. These are all colours that you will see in the sunflower landscape. Green will make you disappear.
6. No cash? No worries! This year the team had an EFTPOS machine.

- L

Blue Pyrenees Wine Club - Something to Celebrate

3 Oct 2020

Blue Pyrenees Estate
got me set up on their wine club this month and has been quite a treat. I went for the Sparkling Affair box which contains six bottles of fine bubbles. At the moment, having a winery send a box to your door is one of the world’s small mercies and I felt like bubbles were appropriate. When so much has changed, become unpredictable, or gone wrong, the little celebrations mean quite a lot and are extra special if you have someone to share the good moments with.

Fighting to Change Your Inheritance Codes

26 Sept 2020

One of my overseas Instagram friends had a conversation with me about my recent blog post The Fear of Being Left Behind. Ria is a poet, creative and clever thinker who I bonded with years ago on her thoughts on something or other and we’ve interacted via the app ever since.

The Good Shoe Shop

5 Jul 2020

When COVID-19 started changing the course of 2020, I had already been planning for over a year a few annual photoshoots that I do. One was for Ballarat Heritage Weekend with the steam train. When the event was cancelled I was messaging Dani from The Good Shoe Shop talking about the outfit I would have been wearing had the event actually taken place. I'd show her the hat and she adored it so I showed her the rest of what I had been planning. 
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