The Good Shoe Shop

5 Jul 2020

When COVID-19 started changing the course of 2020, I had already been planning for over a year a few annual photoshoots that I do. One was for Ballarat Heritage Weekend with the steam train. When the event was cancelled I was messaging Dani from The Good Shoe Shop talking about the outfit I would have been wearing had the event actually taken place. I'd show her the hat and she adored it so I showed her the rest of what I had been planning. 

The Fear of Being Left Behind

28 Jun 2020

At the start of this pandemic, I finally found the language for something I’d experienced on a subtle level for a while. This was because the pandemic amplified it so much that I was able to feel around to define what it was. After some days trying to explore the reaches of what I was experiencing I surprised myself by defining it as a fear of being left behind.


28 Mar 2020

My sister and I love having an adventure and micro-adventure like picking blackberries was the perfect thing for the start of autumn. She has little kids, I'm just some solo woman being a weirdo, so spending time with them, baskets in hand seemed like an awesome time.

Skate with Molly

27 Feb 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala roller skates and check pastel dress.

One of my regular skate buddies is an acting friend from work. Before either of us got roller skates she was taking ice skating lessons in Melbourne and the commute and cost of lessons was a big barrier to her chasing it as much as she wanted. After I got skating regularly, she picked up a pair of skates herself and has since been working to translate her ice skills across. We've had a few sessions this summer and this is a collective of shots from our skate days, as well as a few I prepped Molly to help me take. Enjoy!

Summer Picnic

26 Feb 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in yellow floral ASOS dress

When I started blogging six years ago, I was held back by being unable to take photos of myself. I had tried with a tripod and remote timer but I absolutely sucked at it. I could learn and grow with other types of photography, this one escaped me. So I resolved to learn well enough to teach other people that were willing to help me out.
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