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Finding Femme is a personal style diary that logs my adventures chasing beautiful light, affordable fashion, and elegant bikes while showing people from all over the world what it’s like to live as a local in Ballarat, Australia and the Goldfields Region. Scroll down for more about me.

This blog is a body positive space because I believe that elegance is an attitude, and that’s reflected in what you choose to value and adore in the world around you. I adore strong and complex women. I adore the diverse cultural identity in the cities around me. I adore clothes that are stylish for many seasons.

If you love vintage inspired style, bicycles with baskets and wandering through small regional cities, you’ll be right at home here!

Does this sound like you?
You’ll also find other women and bloggers sharing their own perspectives in blog comments, building each other up and learning from each other’s knowledge. There are not just loads of beautiful pictures for Pinning on this blog. I also write about my own experiences, funny memories, local events and things I’ve learned personally or from women I admire. There’s often a bit about the places I’m exploring if you’re getting inspired for micro-adventures.

I've been featured in all these places

You may have spotted me before on:

Jeans and a Teacup (2014)
Modcloth (2015)
Soubrette Brunette (2015)
Heritage Month TV ad (2015)
Secrets Magazine [print] (2015)
Voodoo Vixen Blog (2015)
Blossom Connect (2015)
Lazybones Australia blog (2016)
Ballarat Heritage Weekend TV ad (2016)
Have Clothes, Will Travel blog (2016)
Review Australia blog (2016)
Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine (2017)
Dancing With Our Stars (2019)

I’ve also collaborated with some brilliant brands who support bloggers like me including The Peach Box, Boohoo, Voodoo Vixen, Her WardrobeLark, Lazybones, Karina Dresses, Mokkafiveoclock, Bok Bok B'Gerk (2016 Brand Ambassador), Dolly and Dotty, MSFW Regional Series, Bike Pretty and Review Australia.

You can read more about collaborations and affiliations on the Sponsors page or down below.

So who am I?

My name is Liana and I live in the regional city of Ballarat in Australia. I’m an avid tea drinker, poetry reader, guilty compulsive shopper, writer, professional singer, budding actor and amateur photographer. Blogging for me combines so many of these interests into a space where I can use them to connect with other people from all over the world. I’ve even got my sister Goldfields Girl into blogging. It has connected me with brilliant bloggers like:

The Soubrette Brunette
Curls and Cakes
CiCi Marie
Mox and Socks
Have Clothes, Will Travel
The Eyre Effect
What I Wore
Esme and the Laneway
Frocks and Frou Frou
Gracefully Vintage

Not only do I consider these ladies in my squad, they’re also curious and intelligent contributors to my reading list.

So, come on! Stay in touch.

Want to stay in touch? You can see more Finding Femme through your Instagram, Facebook, inbox (type your email into the 'subscribe' box on the side menu), Pinterest, Bloglovin, Modcloth.

Sponsorship and affiliations

Creating great visual stories each week is so much easier when people want to collaborate with you as it gives you an idea to start with. I have a few sponsors who pay a small amount so you get to see a banner for their site while you're browsing my blog. I am also an affiliate with a few brands that I love. Affiliates are a great arrangement for me because I usually buy a lot from them, and if you see me wearing it and click through to buy it from them, I get a tiny payment from them to say thank you. It's not much, but it does make me feel better for spending so much on their clothes in the first place.

I also do collaborations (you'll see the clothing item noted as being c/o) in which a brand approaches me to see if I like their stuff and would be happy to wear it to show you. These are great fun too, as the brand gets to work with someone who loves their clothes, I get ideas to create visual stories for you and you get to see a brand I might not have been able to introduce you to otherwise. I get to curate all sponsors, affiliates, and collaborators which means I'm always showing you stuff I love. For the most part, I buy, wear and style my own wardrobe and use this blog (and any pocket money I make from it) to explore more stories about clothes, places and people to share with you.

Want to collaborate? Find out more on the Collaborate page.

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