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5 Jul 2020

When COVID-19 started changing the course of 2020, I had already been planning for over a year a few annual photoshoots that I do. One was for Ballarat Heritage Weekend with the steam train. When the event was cancelled I was messaging Dani from The Good Shoe Shop talking about the outfit I would have been wearing had the event actually taken place. I'd show her the hat and she adored it so I showed her the rest of what I had been planning. 

Dani is a podiatrist who has an elegant range of foot friendly women's shoes. The moment I sent her the picture she replied that she had a shoe in her range that would have gone with the outfit and asked if she could send them to me. I was intrigued and said yes. I can tell you now, they are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I have ever had in my possession. The fabric is a beautiful black suede and an incredibly elegant. To thank Dani for sending them through, I decided to do a blog post with the hat inspired her sending them to me.

Back when I was working retail in a women's fashion store, these shoes would have been perfect. I had pretty great shoes on, but at the end of a shift of standing, I could often barely walk. Not to mention, one of the jobs I was initially offered but turned down was for a women's fashion store for which wearing heels all shift was compulsory and the heels had a minimum height (these ones would have been at the minimum). Side note, how that is legal in a world of OHS in a whole question on its own. Anyway, these shoes would have been a blessing then. I'm glad I have them now. Not that I have any events to wear them to just now, so photos will have to do.

The hat I had custom made by Sophie of Allport Millinery. Next year if Ballarat Heritage Weekend is back then I may have the opportunity to showcase the hat in its intended styling. Every detail is glorious. The flowers are hydrangeas (one of my favourites) and each flower is shaped from hand-cut leather and beads, woven onto individual strands of wire. The leaves are made from both hand-cut black and gold leather. The elastic which helps secure it onto my head, Sophie instinctively selected one that matches my hair colour. When I got out of the car wearing it and the wind blew strongly, I went to catch it, but the hat didn't move. It was like the wind passed right through it. I couldn't get over how secure it was. I cannot recommend Sophie enough! 

Today's outfit we have joked is like a funeral outfit of a rich woman who's eighth husband has died in mysterious circumstances.

Dress: Karen Millen
Photo Assistant: Deneale of Goldfields Girl
Location: Ballafornia CBD

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  1. Shelley Barnes19 July 2020 at 10:27

    "a funeral outfit of a rich woman who's eighth husband has died in mysterious circumstances" other words, PERFECTION! LOL!


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