Month of Letters: A surprise from Italy

22 Feb 2013

After our visit to Il Papiro in Melbourne, I had a timely catch up with Ryan from the Ink and Pen Postal Fellowship. His sister, recently returned from Italy, came home with the most exquisite gifts. Our conversation at Il Papiro about quill tips, including the sort of quill used to mark music staves was timely. As if we had sent her a letter advising her of our conversation, she gifted him with the below amazing collection on her return home.

The box of nibs above. Below, the contents tipped out onto the bench for inspection.

Ta daa! A collection of varied nibs.

The most incredible piece in the range. The quill with nib designed specifically for drawing music staves.

With the quill comes this little pot of black ink.

And finally some pictures of the nibs all laid out so that you can see the varied tips and shapes.

I think I may have some experimental and exciting letters coming my way!

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