36 Places to Eat or Drink In Ballarat

5 Dec 2019

French toast toastie. The Local.
A few years ago I did a blog post with 22 places to eat or drink in Ballarat. The post had stemmed from my hometown being shortlisted as one of the top destinations in Australia and the fact that I get asked a lot where is good to eat or whatever in this city. In honour of this, here is a refresh. So many places on the old list have closed or changed and there are many exciting new places that I must put on so just like Ballarat's food scene, my list has expanded. It's expanded so fast that in the couple of months I have spent refreshing it I couldn't keep up with all the new places opening. As before, this list will be by no means comprehensive and it will also not be in any order of preference. I have also not included chain venues like Grill'd or Zambreros in order to focus on home-grown tastes and some of the amazing local offerings.

My Skin So Far with Clinica Lase

3 Dec 2019

The below photos are from the moment I first decided I actually wanted to have some control over my skin. I had gone through my life being happy when my skin was fine and not feeling like I had any power to change when it wasn't. I took these pictures as kind of a before photo. Even though these were around a year before I started going to Clinica Lase, they are a really important moment for me. I began trying different skin products. I went to see professionals about never-ending acne and rashes. By the time I saw Clinica Lase I had been bumbling my way through changing skincare for about 12 months. Had I learned anything? No. At that point I felt like my skin was a mystery, absolutely everything on the shelves worked solely by a placebo effect and that radical changes to skin were a myth. I was a standard skincare sceptic.

Cafe Style: Black Heart

22 Nov 2019

Liana of @findingfemme in black leather pants and pussy bow shirt

I've reached that point of the year when I type the password of my work computer into my computer at home. Some nights I dream about work and I wake up in the morning and feel like I've had no escape. It's times like this that I value most what I do with my time when I'm outside of the office. 

For the Love of Lola

20 Nov 2019

Liana of @findingfemme at Lola in Ballarat

One of my favourite places in Ballarat is a local restaurant called Lola. The food is delicious but the space itself absolutely captures my heart. Maybe it's because the wallpaper and so much of the decor reminds me of toile print which was one of the first things I associated with the word 'elegant'. Maybe it's because my mum collects blue and white Spode prints. Maybe its because I can sit in there alone and feel like I'm right where I'm meant to be. 

Purple Flowers

14 Nov 2019

There are days when writing a blog post feels as natural as making a cup of tea. There are days when it feels like walking through airport security and forgetting how to function my limbs without thinking about them. Today is the latter. I just wrote a blog post that could have been read with the awkward bumbling of a Hugh Grant/Jane Austen character about navigating being an introvert with imposter syndrome. Then I deleted it all. Let's try again.
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