Skate with Goldfields Girl

11 Jan 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in @impalarollerskates and protective gear #rollerskates #rollerskating

I've been trying to take my camera out and about with me a bit more. I tend to go through using it in phases and I was starting to notice a trend of leaving it behind. To counteract this I put aside a little time at a few get together's with buds to take some shots so that I'm constantly practising and learning with my camera. Quite a few of the times I've been out have involved skate so here are some shots from a casual afternoon of skating with my sister Deni from Goldfields Girl. I played with the camera settings taking pictures of her, then once the camera was set up I gave her some guidance to take pics of me. Then I had a really fun time editing these shots. The light in these gave me some diverse options with how I edited them and I'm very happy with the choices I made in the editing process.

Adventure: Lake Swimming in British Columbia

9 Jan 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in Rip Curl yellow floral swimwear

When I was in Canada last summer (their summer not ours) I met up with a friend to stay in a tiny house, have many outdoor adventures, hang out and make memories. One of those adventures on long and hot days was lake swimming.


29 Dec 2019

My buddy Josh is a photographer. I don't normally collaborate with other photographers. My usual is to coach someone else who may even be of a beginner level and get them to take pictures as I guide them. This is a quick behind the scenes of a shoot day and a little of the prep involved. Josh and I had been talking for what feels like forever about collaborating on something. We ended up finally coordinating that with a shoot in canola. I went about choosing a dress and Josh chose the location. Here are the finished shots which have the special honour of being something rare on my blog that I didn't capture, adjust camera settings or edit.

5 Places To Do Cocktails In Ballarat

27 Dec 2019

Liana of @findingfemme at Pancho in Ballarat

Ballarat has had a boom in cocktail availability which has been a delight for me. In honour of my previous blog post of places to eat and drink in Ballarat, I've decided to also do one related to cocktails. When friends want to have a cocktail night, there are several places that I will usually suggest we attend. Keep in mind, some of my friends don't drink so are keen to have mocktails. Venues that offer non-alcoholic options on the side will be getting honourable mentions in the list below. This list is by no means comprehensive and will be geared towards places with an atmosphere that allows chatting and ample seating because that's the type of cocktail evenings I'm usually having with friends. Also, this will be in no particular order so please don't take the numbers as a rank; the numbers are for list purposes only. I'm by no means a cocktail connoisseur, so I encourage you to explore the places on the list and find your own vocabulary to describe what you experience there.

Cafe Style: Mr Jones

15 Dec 2019

Liana of Finding Femme in gold pleated skirt and leather jacket

If you haven't been to Mr Jones since it transformed from its previous incarnation of 'Catfish', then I highly recommend taking another trip to visit them. This place has been a breakfast haunt for me for three weekends in a row and for good reason.
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