Darling Downtime

15 Feb 2019

To kick the year off, I had a break from being Finding Femme online. I stepped back from my Instagram, Facebook and blog, spent truckloads of times reconnecting with myself and not having to meet any pressures of expectations on social media. It wasn’t completely free, I still got recognised when out and about and I had a couple of commitments that I had to meet for collaborators, but for the most part, when I was alone, I was completely alone.

Goals and Resolutions

6 Jan 2019

I’m not one for New Year Resolutions but I do love to set goals. Giving something I want to do direction makes it a project and its fun finding what comes out of pushing towards a particular endpoint. For example, last year I decided I wanted to return to karate training and work towards my second dan black belt. When the motivation for it was lacking I went climbing to help build my overall fitness and to diversify my activities and as a result, I realised the karate goal wasn’t for me and that climbing was a better investment for my body and my mental health. I might not have achieved the goal I originally set but I got a whole heap of worth out of trying for it.


23 Dec 2018

The story of how I fractured my ankle and kept photographing. After taking up climbing as a hobby earlier this year, I spent months trying to find friends as excited as me to climb outside. Within the last month I’ve found a solid group of climbing friends and, finally, some people keen to get outdoors in nature and experience climbing that way.

Christmas Wish List

Since Christmas is right around the corner and I'm stuck on the couch nursing a fractured ankle, I thought I'd write a Christmas wish list. This intentionally doesn't include vouchers, because of course I would love a voucher for any of my favourite stores and buying something specific that person wants means that when they get the thing, they think of you! Here are ten things I'd love to get on Christmas day.

Spring Sunset and High Positive

27 Nov 2018

I’m training to be an actor at the moment which means that a few days a week I travel out of town to an acting school where I get to learn about humans from brilliant people. Every so often we have a special teacher brought in for a particular focus and in the last month, we were introduced to screen acting by an amazing producer: Paul Currie.
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