A Study in Wattle

6 Oct 2019

I love letting myself get carried away with an idea. There are enough unhealthy things in this world to overthink and get carried away with, so why not let myself do that in a way where I get joy from it? Blog photography is one of those things for me. Sometimes I want to share an adventure or experience that I had. Sometimes I want to share a vision that I’ve been imagining. Today is the aesthetic kind of sharing.

Sweet Fern Pink

21 Sep 2019

One of my favourite places in Ballarat is the fragrance show Sweet Fern. I give it the same amount of love that I used to reserve for the library when I was a child. It’s a place where I can explore who I am, find out new things about the world and escape if I feel I need to.

Winter Green

8 Aug 2019

I often talk about this 'vulnerability' stuff, but what actually is it and why on earth would anyone want to do it? For me personally, the vulnerability journey has been anything but fun. Deciding to fully feel and welcome any feelings that are uncomfortable or painful is no walk in the park. It was 18 months of travelling the vulnerability road before I noticed some actual results from it that were worth celebrating. Most of the moments in between were frustrating, scary, confronting, eye-opening, winding, crushing, heartbreaking, and embarrassing. So why would anyone want to do it?

Sovereign Hill: Winter Wonderlights

8 Jul 2019

Every year Sovereign Hill, a local award-winning museum, puts on a winter festival that is full of the purest winter romance. It’s the museum as you know it but decked out with fairy lights, Christmas decorations, big red bows and incredible colourful lights. It’s an event called Winter Wonderlights.

My Skin Journey - Pico Genesis

22 Jun 2019

I recently received the incredible Pico Genesis treatment from Clinica-Lase. This particular treatment is renowned for a resurfacing of the skin that lifts freckled, pigmentation and uneven skin tone right to the surface until it washes off. It’s also an intense treatment, so here is wrap up from me on what the experience and skin recovery was like.
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