Time for an adveture (Part 2)

14 May 2010

So after you've been out for a wonderful lunch, what else would be more fun than indulging in some vintage and fabulous shopping. I took Juliebirdie to Blonde Vintage.

They had some gorgeous bits of everything in there. Homewares, clothes, jewellery.  I had a bit of fun pumping the pedals of an old toy organ that still played.

We had a chatter with the charming blonde beauty that runs the shop.

Juliebirdie didn't need much convincing to purchase this exquisite brooch. I would have bought it if she didn't. I think it looks perfect on her cardigan.

It was Juliebirdie's idea to visit Such n Such. The shop has such a...mood. There's so much detail and fun in the shops products. They have homewares, clothes, cushions, furniture, beauty products... it's like walking into a lifestyle. I loved that feeling, it made me connect with the things they had that we my style better. I didn't feel like I was searching out the stuff I like. I felt like it was waiting for me.

I bought some gloves but didn't take a snap. Will put them up later with the handkerchiefs that I forgot to tell you about from the visit to Clunes during booktown weekend.

What better way to wind down from shopping than with another cup of tea. We turned out collars up against the rain (and pulled out Juliebirdie's umbrella) and made our way from Dear Prudence - another vintage store across from Blonde Vintage - and ended up at the Upholstery Gallery.

Juliebirdie and I discussed the gorgeous flags hanging from the ceiling. She said she had seem them in Frankie. They said you could buy old tea towels from op shops and turn them into these fantastic and colourful delights. I don't know if that's where they got the idea from, but the look is fantastic. Thanks Juliebirdie. More treasures await you next time you visit. Ballarat is full of them.

For the full flickr set of our adventures, click here.


  1. I love love love such n such, and now may need to investigate further in to other places mentioned above. (will be in your neck of the woods Saturday...)

    PS. Loving my morning dose of "Liana"- you should write for Frankie! Makes the morning easier to handle (especially Fridays!!)


  2. Ballarat is full of little treasures. You just have to have the time and know how to search them out! I'd love to take to visiting some of these places Mel!

  3. Well I have limited weekends left, my week shits to Thursday- Monday from July 1st. :( also working 6th, 13th and 26th of June. If you schedule allows it would love a winter tour by a local who still knows her way around!! :D


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