Blue Pyrenees Wine Club - Something to Celebrate

3 Oct 2020

Blue Pyrenees Estate
got me set up on their wine club this month and has been quite a treat. I went for the Sparkling Affair box which contains six bottles of fine bubbles. At the moment, having a winery send a box to your door is one of the world’s small mercies and I felt like bubbles were appropriate. When so much has changed, become unpredictable, or gone wrong, the little celebrations mean quite a lot and are extra special if you have someone to share the good moments with.

Some little reasons to raise a glass I’ve found have been things like finding out when a good friend is pregnant, discovering our podcast had made it into the Apple Podcast charts, when the sole new dress I’ve bought in six months finally arrived and I got to put it on, a lost parcel in the post turning up after five months travelling around Latvia, confirming a surgery I’ve been waiting on isn’t going to be postponed for a fifth time, getting my car started after the battery died from lack of use and soon, being able to see Melbourne friends again.
A tough year amplifies every celebration and it’s special to via an award-winning local winery, too.
Find out more about wine club for yourself or to send a gift here:
There is also a special on at the moment if you're partial to a bottle of their Luna:


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