Rose Gold Superhero

16 Feb 2020

This fun shoot was months in the making. Some time ago I got a pair of Impala skates. Since then they had released a bunch of new colours but I was nearly sick with awe at the Marawa collaboration pair that came out in rose gold. The skates were holographic rose gold, with rose gold hardware and white and gold marble wheels. I didn't know roller skates could be that beautiful.

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala Marawa rose gold rollerskates

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala Marawa rose gold rollerskates

I bought them and decided that I would obviously have to shoot them. Then I started searching everywhere for a rose gold sequin outfit to wear with it when the heavens parted and from the glorious light that is ASOS, descended this magnificent jumpsuit. I waited until it was on sale to buy it, which was a few months after the skates arrived.

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala Marawa rose gold rollerskates

Once I had the skates I had to align everything else including the weather. This has been a challenge not least because the bushfires have caused quite a bit of smoke haze. Days with smoke so thick that there was no golden hour, just some sort of apocalyptic doom lighting. I knew exactly the light I wanted to shoot with and it needed a clear sky. This day started out miserable and drizzling rain and the forecast proved right because we ended with blue skies and golden sun.

This is the result and while it's not quite what I envisioned, I think they're pretty nonetheless.

Photo assistant: Goldfields Girl
Outfit: ASOS
Skates: Impala

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