Blue Pyrenees Wine Club - Something to Celebrate

3 Oct 2020

Blue Pyrenees Estate
got me set up on their wine club this month and has been quite a treat. I went for the Sparkling Affair box which contains six bottles of fine bubbles. At the moment, having a winery send a box to your door is one of the world’s small mercies and I felt like bubbles were appropriate. When so much has changed, become unpredictable, or gone wrong, the little celebrations mean quite a lot and are extra special if you have someone to share the good moments with.

Fighting to Change Your Inheritance Codes

26 Sept 2020

One of my overseas Instagram friends had a conversation with me about my recent blog post The Fear of Being Left Behind. Ria is a poet, creative and clever thinker who I bonded with years ago on her thoughts on something or other and we’ve interacted via the app ever since.

The Good Shoe Shop

5 Jul 2020

When COVID-19 started changing the course of 2020, I had already been planning for over a year a few annual photoshoots that I do. One was for Ballarat Heritage Weekend with the steam train. When the event was cancelled I was messaging Dani from The Good Shoe Shop talking about the outfit I would have been wearing had the event actually taken place. I'd show her the hat and she adored it so I showed her the rest of what I had been planning. 

The Fear of Being Left Behind

28 Jun 2020

At the start of this pandemic, I finally found the language for something I’d experienced on a subtle level for a while. This was because the pandemic amplified it so much that I was able to feel around to define what it was. After some days trying to explore the reaches of what I was experiencing I surprised myself by defining it as a fear of being left behind.


28 Mar 2020

My sister and I love having an adventure and micro-adventure like picking blackberries was the perfect thing for the start of autumn. She has little kids, I'm just some solo woman being a weirdo, so spending time with them, baskets in hand seemed like an awesome time.

Skate with Molly

27 Feb 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala roller skates and check pastel dress.

One of my regular skate buddies is an acting friend from work. Before either of us got roller skates she was taking ice skating lessons in Melbourne and the commute and cost of lessons was a big barrier to her chasing it as much as she wanted. After I got skating regularly, she picked up a pair of skates herself and has since been working to translate her ice skills across. We've had a few sessions this summer and this is a collective of shots from our skate days, as well as a few I prepped Molly to help me take. Enjoy!

Summer Picnic

26 Feb 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in yellow floral ASOS dress

When I started blogging six years ago, I was held back by being unable to take photos of myself. I had tried with a tripod and remote timer but I absolutely sucked at it. I could learn and grow with other types of photography, this one escaped me. So I resolved to learn well enough to teach other people that were willing to help me out.

Rose Gold Superhero

16 Feb 2020

This fun shoot was months in the making. Some time ago I got a pair of Impala skates. Since then they had released a bunch of new colours but I was nearly sick with awe at the Marawa collaboration pair that came out in rose gold. The skates were holographic rose gold, with rose gold hardware and white and gold marble wheels. I didn't know roller skates could be that beautiful.

Rock Ballarat Day 2

9 Feb 2020

Here's a collection of shots from Day 2 of Rock Ballarat. Photos of me were taken with the assistance of my sister Goldfields Girl. All others were taken by me. If you use a shot of you, please make sure you credit me and tag @findingfemme on Instagram and 'Finding Femme on Facebook.

Rock Ballarat Day 1

8 Feb 2020

Here's a collection of shots from Day 1 of Rock Ballarat. Photos of me were taken by Josh Davis (website, Instagram). All others were taken by me. If you use a shot of you, please make sure you credit me and tag @findingfemme on Instagram and 'Finding Femme on Facebook.

Skate with Goldfields Girl

11 Jan 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in @impalarollerskates and protective gear #rollerskates #rollerskating

I've been trying to take my camera out and about with me a bit more. I tend to go through using it in phases and I was starting to notice a trend of leaving it behind. To counteract this I put aside a little time at a few get together's with buds to take some shots so that I'm constantly practising and learning with my camera. Quite a few of the times I've been out have involved skate so here are some shots from a casual afternoon of skating with my sister Deni from Goldfields Girl. I played with the camera settings taking pictures of her, then once the camera was set up I gave her some guidance to take pics of me. Then I had a really fun time editing these shots. The light in these gave me some diverse options with how I edited them and I'm very happy with the choices I made in the editing process.

Adventure: Lake Swimming in British Columbia

9 Jan 2020

Liana of @findingfemme in Rip Curl yellow floral swimwear

When I was in Canada last summer (their summer not ours) I met up with a friend to stay in a tiny house, have many outdoor adventures, hang out and make memories. One of those adventures on long and hot days was lake swimming.
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