Adventure: Great Ocean Road - Day 2

31 Oct 2019

Neither of us was up before the sun when we woke up on day 2 of our trip. I opened my eyes long enough to peek out the campervan curtains to see if it was worth getting out of the snug of the van to take photos. It was grey and very average so I went back to sleep. When the sun had been up for a little while we mulled over breakfast options and ended up heading to the bakery. Next time I'm going to show Zara a bunch of the cooking options for the van but this time it was croissants and chai. After we satisfied our tummies we strolled to the beach just behind the van. The air was wet with spray from the waves and intermittent drizzle. We were both still wearing part of sleepwear, I think.

Adventure: Great Ocean Road - Day 1

A few months ago my darling friend Zara and I had a work shift together and she was bursting to tell me about a camera (an old film camera) that she had bought. We chatted about photography for a while and then at some point one of us suggested going on a photography trip together. Whichever one of us suggested it, the other was eagerly on board and we began to figure out a weekend that the two of us could hang out for the day taking pictures. After a few reschedules we finally found ourselves in possession of a weekend that was mostly just for us. A single day had morphed into an overnight stay in the van, stealth camped somewhere on the coast.

Lola Gin Launch

26 Oct 2019

The Provincial Hotel and their attached restaurant - Lola - have sneakily become one of my favourite places in Ballarat. No surprises there. When someone is passionate about something, really loves it, right down to the smallest details, it is infectious and endlessly inspiring.

Adventure: Impala Rollerskate Meetup - Melbourne

21 Oct 2019

A while back I saw a flash of event details on the Impala Rollerskates’ Instagram of a skate meet up in Melbourne. I didn’t know if I’d be available but as the day grew closer I realised I would be. I was all excited and prepared when the night before I had an arthritis-related fatigue spell. However, in a beautiful moment of serendipity in the morning, the fatigue had passed and I was well enough to go.

A Study in Wattle

6 Oct 2019

I love letting myself get carried away with an idea. There are enough unhealthy things in this world to overthink and get carried away with, so why not let myself do that in a way where I get joy from it? Blog photography is one of those things for me. Sometimes I want to share an adventure or experience that I had. Sometimes I want to share a vision that I’ve been imagining. Today is the aesthetic kind of sharing.
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