Spring Sunset and High Positive

27 Nov 2018

I’m training to be an actor at the moment which means that a few days a week I travel out of town to an acting school where I get to learn about humans from brilliant people. Every so often we have a special teacher brought in for a particular focus and in the last month, we were introduced to screen acting by an amazing producer: Paul Currie.

Pretty in Purple

23 Nov 2018

I’m a huge dork and will get super interested in anything that sits still for long enough. I’m curious about how things work, what stories they tell about us, and the endless flow on effects of things. If my brain gets to the point it’s thinking ‘and then what’, I’m usually hooked. This means I have the capacity to get stoked about absolutely anything. Want to know the latest thing I’m fascinated by and curious about? 

Fragrance at The Lost Ones

12 Nov 2018

A few weeks ago got dressed with my friend Melissa, ordered an Uber and wandered down a lampshade lit alleyway on Camp St to The Lost Ones Basement Bar. The Lost Ones in an Art Gallery, no imagine an Art Gallery deciding to run a cocktail bar in their basement. That is exactly what this bar is. Now you have the vibe of the venue, imagine that my favourite niche perfumery teamed up with this bar to launch their new cocktail menu. Because that is the event I was attending.

Trying Something New at Il Piccolo Gelato

8 Nov 2018

Vulnerability is a never-ending journey. When I first began working towards it, it was gritty. Facing my own behaviour patterns was hard. It was hard to be accountable for them. It was even harder to change. But after a little bit of willingness and a little bit of push change began to happen and I became a little more emotionally available.

Loving My Skin: Part 2

4 Nov 2018

Sometimes I love a place a lot and then I get the incredible opportunity to be an ambassador for them. That’s what happened with Clinica-lase. I’d been getting treatments with them for around six months when they got in touch about looking after my skin. So while I visit them for a range of other amazing treatments, for 2018 they offer me complimentary skin treatment which is an absolute dream.

The team are all beautiful, very kind people. I’ve been nervous about laser treatments before and had a team member hold my hand to make me feel comfortable. They go into incredible detail for me when talking about any treatment so that I know how it works, what it will feel like and what the results may be. They call me the day after every treatment to see how my body has reacted to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day when they’re giving me complementary skin treatment or going in for something else I’m treating myself too, every day that includes them is a good day.

A treatment that I’ve had in the time since I wrote my first blog post about Clinica-lase is Limelight. Limelight is a different laser with a completely different feeling. Instead of running it all over my skin like the warm light of the Laser Genesis, this one is individual, highly targeted flashes of light. It’s a completely different feel too. This one feels like a flick from a light rubber band and is done with this lovely cooling gel on the face. After getting this treatment I kept catching glimpse of my skin in the mirror and would do a double take. Limelight triggers collagen production in the skin and I couldn’t get over the amazing, smooth I had as a result. It also does other awesome things like removes pigment or targets redness, but for me, I was stunned by the striking quality my skin had in the weeks following each treatment.

My favourite skin stuff at Clinica-lase so far are:

  • Laser Genesis – super warm laser. Feels like laying in the sun but without the sun damage. Has done amazing things for my redness.
  • XLV – the immediate erasure of very visible blood vessels around my nose. Feels like a sharp flick with an elastic band while skin is soothed by cooling gel.
  • Limelight – targeted, bright, pulses. Feels like a flick with cooling gel. Makes the texture of my skin absolutely incredibly.
  • Lactic peel – a quick skin treatment. Completely balanced out my skin issues and combats hormone issues. Stopped me having to see a dermatologist. Paired well with Laser Genesis
  • Rejuvenating face mask – Take home face mask. Has peptides and collagen and made my skin incredibly hydrated and supple.
  • At home skin products – Everything for caring for myself at home. Makes me feel fresh and clear and gorgeous when wearing no makeup, reinvigorates me after wearing heavy stage makeup, keeps me feeling fresh when travelling or staying in the van. Have completely replaced any cosmetics I may have bought at any department store because of their obvious results on my overall skin health.

My instant results from XLV treatment. Above: before; below: after.
Currently, my skin is looking incredible. I wear so much less makeup than I used to. It feels fresh and moisturised all the time. I feel radiant, bright and like my happiness lives through my skin. I couldn't choose between limelight and laser genesis for which is my favourite but I absolutely adore the results I get from the lactic peels. Immediately after a treatment I often can't stop touching my skin. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the treatments!

P.S. This month they have a special on Limelight, and you can find details on their Instagram post linked here.

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