Spring Treats at Sweet Fern

16 Sept 2018

Liana of @findingfemme at Sweet Fern in Ballarat wearing Thurley

It's so easy when thinking about perfume and spring to think of floral scents, however, a perfume masterclass at Sweet Fern for the season turned out to be way different to that image. One of the greatest things about Sweet Fern is that they can take anyone from knowing nothing about perfume to an informed position where they can start choosing fragrances that they love. To do this they use the fragrance wheel, showing 13 different perfumes and explaining their histories and nuances. This time, it was with the added sensory connecting of eating sweets. To celebrate the arrival of spring I also wore this divine Thurley dress from Blanc Boutique, which would make an iconic outfit for Spring Races with the right accessories.

Into Light

7 Sept 2018

Liana of @findingfemme wears Steele Luella Wrap Dress at Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

It’s a once in a lifetime thing when your regional Australian hometown hosts forty pieces of art from the Musée de la Chartreuse.

Welcome Spring

2 Sept 2018

Liana of @findingfemme in Lazybones Venesia print organic cotton dress.

Today's post will be picture heavy, so I hope you enjoy the pretty shots. I'm trying to rock my curls lately thanks to the hairdressing skills of Chelsea at Eve Salon. She's the first hairdresser I've ever had that has styled my hair curly. She was so keen to try it and I was kind of indifferent so I let her do what she wanted. Her passion for my curls was super infectious and I couldn't help but leave feeling like I was as curious about what my hair could be as she was. I'm not a hair girl. I do like my hair to be nice, it does seriously knock my confidence when it isn't, but I'd be lying if I said I washed it more than once a week. You hear right. I don't like washing my hair or styling it or looking after it. I intentionally have my natural colour so I don't have to visit the hairdresser. I'm growing it. Also so I don't have to visit the hairdresser. I have one style I like and it modifies as it gets dirtier and the curl starts to ebb back into it. If it gets too long I flip it to one side to the cowlick on my forehead can be free. Curls? Not a chance.
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