Winter Skate

21 Jul 2018

Liana of @findingfemme in Impala rollerskates and pink Sportsgirl hoodie

I must be going through a big phase of change at the moment. The other day I went out and about with my sister Goldfields Girl, I got dressed up so we could take blog photos, I put on an outfit I used to wear like a uniform and the photos didn't work. I wasn't feeling the entire shoot. The whole thing was uninspired. I thought that for sure this go-to outfit would be a winner for photos but it felt like I was wearing someone else's life. I wore a blue and green dress and my old favourite navy winter coat. Neither were bringing me any joy.

100 of 365 - My New Photo Project

20 Jul 2018

A few years ago when I first got into photography, my friend John got me into a project called a 365. This is where the photographer takes a photo a day, every day, for 365 days. Ideally, one would take pictures of the one subject. John took photos of himself as his subject. I took the project on myself, but my camera broke when I was travelling in Barcelona, stopping me somewhere in the hundreds. I didn’t settle on a subject and just took photos of everything.

Loving My Skin: Part 1

18 Jul 2018

Left: before two treatments and product use, right: after.

Earlier this year I was invited to become an ambassador for Clinica Lase, a local skin-care and beauty clinic. I was already a client of theirs at the time so to take the opportunity to explore the full range of the skin treatments available was really exciting for me, particularly as I was already considering having one of their skin consultations. Looking back now I’m impressed with how much my understanding of skin treatment and skin care has changed in the four treatments since I began my journey with them. I was seeing a dermatologist for niggling issues with breakouts, rashes and redness when I had my first consultation.
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