How My Sister Died

27 Mar 2018

Something I wear quite openly in most of my blog photos is a small tattoo on my left forearm. It’s the logo from a bottle of perfume from the 1920’s, which shares the name of my late sister, Maja (pronounced: May-ah). Often I find that when people spark up a conversation with me about the tattoo, that they become apologetic when they realise it’s related to her death and they feel bad about talking about it, but it’s something that we really, really need to talk about.

Settler and Sons Twilight Dinner

20 Mar 2018

When I arrived at the Settler and Sons dinner, it was at the end of golden hour. I’d driven towards Nowhere Creek as the final light from the sun touched everything it could reach. Thick, lazy light, heavy like honey, oozed over the golden hills. My camera was heavy in my lap and I so wanted to stop and capture every view in every direction just to remember the moment. But, I was late, I couldn’t stop, so I glanced at the golden hills with their purple shadows, the windows of my car lowered, hoping the memory would be tattooed on my heart.

Juliette Has a Gun Masterclass

16 Mar 2018

Whenever I talk to people about the Perfume Masterclasses at Sweet Fern, they have often never thought about what is actually entailed in one. So after I have one yet another Perfume Masterclass visit, I wanted to share the proceedings with you, so can learn more about the mystery of them.
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