Dinner with Friends on the Lake at Sunset

29 Jan 2018

A seasonal tradition orchestrated by my sister and I is a dinner on the beautiful Lake Wendouree. In order for this dinner to adventure to be right, we have parameters to guide the preparations.

Geelong Cellar Door

23 Jan 2018

Liana of @findingfemme at Geelong Cellar Door in Fame and Partners Gingham skirt

Last weekend I was meant to be attending my favourite music festival: So Frenchy So Chic. I bought an early bird ticket in 2017, had my outfit planned, was doing my makeup fresh from the shower when I realised I had a huge knot of anxiety in my chest while thinking about the festival. I’m not sure what brought it on. It could be that as an introvert, my new job dealing with lots of people all day requires more self-care. I’m not actually sure what it was as anxiety isn’t straightforward like that. So my partner in crime and I decided to have a day of relaxing instead.


22 Jan 2018

Liana of @findingfemme

Something I love about Ballarat, which is true even now, is that you never know all the city’s secrets. It doesn’t matter who you know, how long you have lived here, this city always has something more to give to you. I have lived here most of my life. I have explored this city’s history, I have explored it’s underground tunnels, I have known many of the city’s councillors, journalists and businesspeople. I still discover something new about Ballarat every day.

Pool Time

19 Jan 2018

Liana of @findingfemme wears a yellow and white vintage bikini with a white floral swimming cap

This sweet little vintage style swimwear outfit has been several years in the making. I spotted the swimmers some time ago on Etsy and made a purchase. The purchase itself was an interesting one. When I initially placed the order they sent me a message to ask me if I was sure about the size that I had. They suggested that instead of the medium that I had chosen that I should have chosen the large. The large that they suggested was an entirely different colour (it was sort of a burnt orange). I specifically wanted yellow so I turned down their offer of a larger size. After all, I couldn’t be that large could I? I was only a size 8.

Summer Bike Style

10 Jan 2018

Liana of @findingfemme wears a Laura Ashley straw boater, Nishe dress on her Lekker bike.

I’ve been spending the last year focusing on my fitness. It’s been partially for my health as having a desk job was turning me into a grumpy old hunchback, and partially for pleasure. I missed being strong and being able to do the activities that my body could perform so well when it was strong. From simple things like being able to hold a steering wheel without hurting my shoulder, through to being able to lift up my nephew without getting tired.

Summer Stripes and Lake Sunsets

2 Jan 2018

This year has been a really big one for me, but most of what has happened was put in motion before the clock striking midnight the morning on January 1, 2017.
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