Geelong Cup

25 Oct 2017

Today my sister Goldfields Girl and I went to the Geelong Cup. I was lucky enough to be dressed by Review who gave me a fascinator, dress and bag from their current Spring collection.

Frocktober Picnic

21 Oct 2017

Last weekend for Frocktober, I got together with my sister Goldfields Girl and my friend Lauren for a frocked up picnic in the gardens. Ballarat’s Botanic Gardens are spectacular at any time of year and this Spring is no exception. The poppies are out and the grass is lush. We set up with Pimm’s, sandwiches and some chilled music.

Let's Frock!

14 Oct 2017

Liana of @findingfemme wears studded leather biker jacket, Moschino belt and black and white striped dress

Today’s Frocktober outfit has a mildly amusing story behind it. I come from a family of car and bike lovers. When I was a teen, I fanned the flames of my own love of bikes and ended up wearing and owning several leather jackets. Some of them I gave up because their style didn’t last the test of time and some fell apart. Because of this, I’ve recently realised I needed to get myself a new one.

Leadership Ballarat: What The Journey So Far Has Meant For Me

6 Oct 2017

The 2017 LBWR group spend time with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten at Parliament House

At the start of this year, I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to take part in the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum. I can still remember the night I got the email and how excited I was to get such an incredible opportunity. I’m one of around 25 participants in the program. Many prominent local businesses put a single staff member into the program as a participant each year. As a small-time independent blogger, I wasn’t in a position to have someone sponsor me to do it, so to receive the scholarship was a huge coup for me.

The program runs every year and applications are currently open for the 2018 program.

Daisies and Frocktober

Liana of @findingfemme in a white dress for Frocktober

This week has been all about daisies for me! Not only has the sunny spring weather seen the daisies around the lake bloom into a pretty white and pink carpet, I’ve been in a show called Daisy Pulls It Off. The play is a send-up of the old British boarding school adventure stories, but with every possible plot crammed into one show. It’s a self-aware, tongue-in-cheek story which is full of laughs and good times. It’s a show that has been a blast to both rehearse and perform. Normally, there’s a point where I’ve found a show gets boring and you get right down to doing the work to make it happen. Not with this show! There were laughs at every rehearsal. Every part of the show is a joy. In the few points that I’m not on stage, I will sneak side stage to watch the funny scenes unfold. Find out about the show here.
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