Creating a Character for Ballarat Cabaret Festival

24 Aug 2017

Liana of @findingfemme with @prettyflamingop for Ballarat Cabaret Festival

Last month I had the pleasure of working on a really unique project with Pretty Flamingo Photography for the Ballarat Cabaret Festival. We were to create some iconic imagery, which a graphic artist would use as the basis for the new Festival imagery. I was to play a cabaret character and we would style and pose this character with a distinctive cabaret look.

Red Winter and Women's Conversations

12 Aug 2017

Liana of @findingfemme in a red review australia winter coat at Keebles Country House in Clunes, Victoria

Over the years as I have gotten older I have become more underwhelmed by the many stereotyped and one dimensional representations of female characters on screen. One of the many ways they are often represented in these unrealistic and underdeveloped forms is their boring and dull conversations. If you’re into film, you’ve probably heard of The Bechdel Test. It developed as a joke from a comic strip in 1985 and has three points to it that are used to assess the way a film represents women.

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