Belvedere Social

25 Jun 2017

Liana of @findingfemme wearing black Moschino belt at the Belvedere Social in Daylesford

I’m a week out from performing on stage in a new play. It will be performed in a small and beautiful town not far from Ballarat called Daylesford. I love Daylesford so much, particularly in winter. Our rehearsal space is just around the corner from a delicious restaurant and bar called Belvedere Social. Not only do they have a delicious range of gin, they also make mulled wine and hot buttered apple cider. Even though I’ve been rehearsing nearby I haven’t been able to capitalise on their proximity to me as much as I would like. The times that I have done have been wonderful. The staff are beautiful and charming.

Nude Noir & A Bit About Me

12 Jun 2017

Liana of @findingfemme in nude shoes for Blanc Boutique Ballarat

As soon as I saw these Nude shoes in Blanc Boutique I fell in love. I have recently begun feeding my personal interest I have in men's suits and these shoes naturally would pair well with that style, so I asked Larna at Blanc if I could style them in a post for her. I know each post I share with you is another snapshot of my personal style, but it's not often that I simply talk about me in a general context. So because this blog post's photos are such a great snapshot of who I am, I thought I would take the chance to talk a bit more about me and what I'm interested in.

Pink Stripes and Black Bows

8 Jun 2017

My hometown of Ballarat has been growing and changes so much in the past few years. Not only have we seen a boom the food scene here, there have also been a number of shops that make leisure time here so much more enjoyable. One of those shops is Blanc Boutique. So naturally, I was a bit excited when Larna asked me to help her showcase some of the surprising brands that she brings to her small, regional boutique. Surprising because stores like MYER don't bring higher end brands to their regional store, yet the Blanc Boutique customers are clamouring to get their hands on the limited numbers that Larna will put on her racks.

I fell in love with this dress the moment it came in the store. It's not the first time I've worn a By Johnny dress, and the style is darling! The black bows on the sleeves...oh my heart! The fit is interpretive, as seems to be a trend with By Johnny, so I was really glad to have the opportunity to try it on at Blanc. The last time I wore a By Johnny, I wore a size 10. This time, smaller than I was previously, I am wearing a size 12. Lovers of the brand all say the same thing: try before you buy so you can get the best fit. The number on the By Johnny label doesn't always indicate what size the clothes are. What it does indicate, is a well-made dress in a high-quality material. 

2017 Heritage Weekend Steam Train

5 Jun 2017

Liana of @findingfemme visit the steam train for Ballarat Heritage Weekend

Another year and another Ballarat Heritage Weekend has rolled past. There were a bunch of wonderful events over the two days and I went to as many as I could. The two things I do every year are, of course, the Tweed Ride and a visit to the steam train. I almost didn't go to the steam train because I was so busy but will a little willpower I ended up attending.
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