Ballarat Bitter

29 Apr 2017

Liana of @findingfemme in gold ASOS pleated skirt at vintage Ballarat Bitter sign

One of my favourite beauty hobbies is to get eyelash extensions. I've had them on and off for many years. The things I like most about them include that I don't need to wear mascara on my blonde lashes, I don't need to have my lashes tinted, there is no mascara running on my cheeks when I'm exercising and I can touch my eyes all I want without worrying about smudging black everywhere.

Autumn Warmth

22 Apr 2017

Liana of @findingfemme wearing brown vintage fur style jacket during Autumn in Ballarat

Autumn is setting in solidly in town and I'm enjoying bringing out the clothes reserved for cooler weather. This coat is a great example. I've owned if for years but I've literally worn it twice. It's a vintage number that I picked up from the Mill Market in Daylesford. It's incredibly warm so the weather has to be quite cold for me to be able to wear it.

Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine and a Little Competition

21 Apr 2017

Liana of @findingfemme for Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine

Earlier this year on a really hot day, I met up with Will James and my sister at the Ballarat Railway Station. I'd been asked by Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine to do a shoot for their cover image of the autumn edition of the magazine. I had limited ideas, but I liked the colour red and wanted to see how we could work it into to an autumn edition of the magazine. Except to wear warm weather clothes when it was stinking hot was not comfortable. Usually, when I style an outfit, I take heaps of time. Some things really cannot be rushed and I find taking time with outfits gets better results. However, on this day I literally put this jacket over the top of some swimwear, because I'd had the bright idea of trying to do a shoot floating in the lake.

My Straw Hat Gets a Makeover

11 Apr 2017

If you know me, you'll know I'm growing a collection of straw boaters. Some people have veggie gardens. I have a wall of hats. As someone who has been embarking on a more minimalist life, my hat collection is one of few things that has been upsized instead of downsized. Hats give me endless amounts of pleasure. Particularly, straw boaters. With the idea in mind of getting the most out of my hats as I can, I decided to take some hat inspiration from Pinterest and give my Portman's straw boater a temporary new look (although if you wanted to, you could surely hot glue gun this facelift on to make it more permanent.

Yellow Lace Coat and Supporting Other Women

6 Apr 2017

Today, one of my mentors from my early years gave me the opportunity to learn something important. I shared a video which features some work I had done with Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine. She commented and said, “I always knew you would make a statement in this world.”

Living as Lady Macbeth

2 Apr 2017

I’m preparing to perform in a play with a local theatre company (Ballarat National Theatre). The show is called Much Ado About Shakespeare and it features 4 different Shakespeare-related stories. The first half of the show has a play called ‘Living with Lady Macbeth’, followed by an abbreviated version of Macbeth. The second half of the show has the story of an ambitious and manipulative actress who is trying to get a role in Romeo and Juliet. Then we perform an abbreviated version of R & J.
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