A Ladies Night at Twelve Errard

24 Mar 2017

Last year I was invited by Twelve Errard to come and stay with them. This last weekend I have finally taken them up on the offer. I was invited alone, but as a single lady that drinks too much gin, I spend ample amounts of time on my own as it is. So for a special treat, I thought I would spend some time around other people. Mainly, some of my closest friends: my sister Goldfields Girl and one of my best friends, Liv from Lyn and I.

6 Things I Learned Training for Black Belt

14 Mar 2017

@findingfemme wears floral Etsy one piece swimsuit at the beach

This year I’m preparing to graduate from a few things including a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. While it’s really cool to finally have a degree, I don’t consider it my first. My first degree is literally that: a first-degree black belt. Honestly, the things I learned in my time training for it have always been relevant and important, even when studying at university. I have recently returned to training and it has been reinforcing a lot of these lessons, some of which needed refreshing. As I relearned them it was like 'ah, I already knew this! How could I forget!' So here they are written down so I hopefully don't forget them again.

A Spontaneous Dinner on the Lake

4 Mar 2017

My sister Goldfields Girl had an idea last year that she would love to do dinner on one of the piers around the Lake in Ballarat. We discussed it and planned and eventually this dinner idea formed into something that seemed pretty straightforward and fun to put together. 
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