Dinner at Settler and Sons

28 Feb 2017

Last week I joined a long table dinner at Settler and Sons with my sister Goldfields Girl. Picture this: a balmy summer afternoon you meet with a group of people to board a bus that will drive you out to a farm. After a cruisy ride through a few small country towns, you climb off the bus to be greeted by an excited dog and few disinterested sheep. You walk down an unsealed driveway lined with trees to a farmhouse to eat amazing food fresh from the farm.

Galentine's Day

15 Feb 2017

A few years ago I was introduced to Galentine’s Day by a friend who was a big fan of Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. I’m told that Lesley created the event as a lady date for her girlfriends in the show and fans loved it so much that they started celebrating it as well. I can see why it’s caught on. A lady date event the day before the most romantic relationship glorifying event on the calendar is a good balm for those who may cringe at commercialism, lament loneliness or are just gloriously single and in love with their friends. The last one is definitely me.

Ballarat Beat 2017

12 Feb 2017

Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival 2017

This year for Ballarat Beat, I was invited to be a judge for the Pin Up competition. Normally the event asks me to come down and take general photos and I miss out on seeing the whole Pin Up comp, but I might get a couple of snaps. This year it was the opposite. I got to see the whole Pin Up comp (three hours of pin up guys and dolls) and missed the little details of the event. I got home with my photos and realised I didn’t have many general shots of the street and what was happening. It was to be expected though. I try to take photos during the event that tell a story and without having the time to watch and wait I didn’t get to see many of those stories unfolding.

Busy Bee of Summer

4 Feb 2017

@findingfemme wears black and white bikiniboo swimwear at the beach

This week/month at work is intense. My stress levels are at the highest they will be for the whole year and also the highest they may ever be in this job. The job works on an annual cycle and this is the first time I’ve run through it. I don’t have the hindsight to know what comes next. I’m learning as I go and handling the normal pressures of the job as well. I handle a lot of data which is processed manually and the margin for error is huge. Every day I will make a mistake but because the stakes are so high any mistake usually has a huge fallout.

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