Kicking Off My Holidays

21 Dec 2016

@findingfemme does a beach pamper day with some products from The Body Shop

I've just had my last ever day of work for the year. It's been one heck of a stressful year for me so I decided to take some extra leave and take time off work. For my first day of holidays, I hung out with some of my favourite people in the whole world and wound down ready for the break with a trip to the beach and some pampering using some home spa products I got from The Body Shop.

10 Ways to do Ballarat Like a Local

18 Dec 2016

The Known World Bookstore in Ballarat in 10 ways to do Ballarat Like a Local

Recently Ballarat was featured in a national tourism top-ten list. My sister and I checked out the list and the 'what to do in Ballarat'. It had the usual stuff in there. Go to the museums that everyone goes to. Visit the theme park and the wildlife park that everyone goes to. While it was a nice list, it's the same list everyone has when promoting what Ballarat has to offer. It's the easy list. So in light of how my sister and I prefer to travel, I thought I would make my own list of how we would want to  do Ballarat. So in a list that's by no means comprehensive or in any apparent order, this is how to do Ballarat like a local.

The Lake in Summer

15 Dec 2016

My father has had a big impact on who I am today. Many of my memories of him from when I was a kid involve him doing something risky or dangerous with his mates, being seemingly fearless and doing his mildly embarrassed laugh if something went wrong (which something occasionally did). If you want to hear him make that particular laugh, ask him while I'm present about the time the family left me behind at a service station. He still feels bad about it, so he does that laugh.

Christmas Afternoon Tea

11 Dec 2016

Last week my sister and I got together with a squad of women we know who are small business owners, and we took a bunch of Christmas photos together to showcase each other's products. Instead of styling stuff alone, it gave us a chance to hang out, combine our resources and have a fun time. The afternoon was with Mel from Local Pantry Co., Michelle from Bok Bok B'Gerk, JB from Pretty Special Cakes, my sister Goldfields Girl, Liv from Lyn and I and me.

The World's Most Perfect Shoe

3 Dec 2016

Many years ago when getting ready for my cousin's wedding, I was seeking out a bone/blush coloured shoe to match a polka dot in a Laura Ashley dress. I stumbled across the perfect one in MYER and thought little more about it. It was, after all, just an occasion shoe. I didn't realise at the time that I had just found the greatest shoe in the world.

Black and Gold

2 Dec 2016

My sister and I are both having fun improving our photography skills at the moment. We’ve been wanting to do a sunrise photoshoot for a while, but haven’t had the time or motivations. So many of our blog shoots aren’t planned and we might just take them when we’re out somewhere wearing something nice. Sometimes the time to do a shoot comes about and we mill about playing with outfits until we find the right one. A morning shoot is much harder because you have to be prepared.
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