22 Places to Eat and Drink in Ballarat

29 Nov 2016

FIKA Coffee Brewers Ballarat

After my earlier blog post this week called '10 ways to do Ballarat Like a Local', Ballarat peeps and ex-pats got unexpectedly excited. The post had stemmed from my hometown being shortlisted as one of the top destinations in Australia and recommendations for what to do being too 'easy'. If felt like if you were going to do Ballarat like that, then it was equivalent to mosquitos dancing on the surface of a pond. Thanks to everyone's enthusiasm, I felt I had better do that post I mentioned about food places I visit as soon as possible. As per the disclaimer on my previous post, this list will be by no means comprehensive and it will also not be in any order of preference. I have also not included chain venues like Grill'd or Zambreros in order to focus on home-grown tastes.

Pink Flowers

24 Nov 2016

My sister and I spend a lot of time wandering around Ballarat stretching our legs, chatting and taking pictures. One day just before she went to San Fran, we spotted this amazing house with giant pink flowering trees in the front yard. While taking a photo over the fence, the man who lived there arrived and invited us into the yard to take as many photos as we liked. We thanked him and came back the next day to take these pictures.

Ballarat Cup

19 Nov 2016

A few weeks ago, Review Australia asked me to go the Ballarat Cup. I’ve never been before so (aside from singing in bands many years ago), so I decided it would be fun. They let me pick a dress from their upcoming collection, so I chose something from their limited edition range that wouldn’t be available in the local Ballarat store. (The timeless ladies above are Angela Menz and Amanda Macor.)

Afternoon Drinks in the Garden

13 Nov 2016

My sister is on holiday at the moment with my mum, bro-in-law and nephew. It wasn’t until the first day that she was touching down her toes on American soil that I realised just how much I need her in my life. I was walking out of work and I went through my usual habit of pulling out my phone to dial her and I realised I couldn’t.

Studio G.A.S

6 Nov 2016

This outfit post is the final part of the duo of styles I'm wearing in Review's first digital e-magazine. If you want to read the short article I wrote for them and see the pics, you'll have to grab their app from the Apple store (sorry, no android yet). If you want to see the other outfit, you can find it here. For this outfit, I decided to make good on a location I'd had in mind for some time and dropped in to the awlays friendly Studio G.A.S. I knew for the pictures in the e-magazine that I wanted to show Ballarat locations, colours and mood. It helps that the styling of the shop is so darling that colours just pop when you're around it.

MSFW Cocktail Party

4 Nov 2016

Ooops. So I realised that I hadn't published these photos from the MSFW Regional Series event earlier this year. These are from the Cocktail Party on the first evening. I've done two other blog posts on the event: the catwalk show and the blogger lunch. At this cocktail party we got to meet all the awesome people involved in the event and go backstage to check out the behind-the-scenes for the catwalk that would be happening the next day. 
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