Blue and White

30 Oct 2016

It’s overcast outside right now and while I had the central heating on this morning, now I have the back door open and the warm air is coming into my lounge from outside. The nice weather is so welcome. When a good weather day coincides with a day I don’t have to work, then it’s definitely picnic weather. Review asked me to style some of their outfits for their new Spring e-magazine and my first thought was obviously a picnic!

Tin Roof

21 Oct 2016

@findingfemme wears red, embroidered cardigan by Review Australia at The Tin Roof in Ballarat.

The other day I got home in the rainy spring weather, checked the mailbox and found an express post parcel in there. It sparked my curiosity because I haven't been online shopping much recently because I'm saving for something special. I couldn't figure out where it had come from. Without checking the sender, I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened it up. I reached into the package and pulled out a bright red cardigan, with my initials embroider on the front in navy thread. 

Preppy Bike Style

15 Oct 2016

@findingfemme styles women's preppy cycling and bike fashion

It's such nice bicycle weather today and in celebration I'm sharing another blog post featuring this amazing helmet from Bike Pretty. Now if you're a blog regular, then you might be saying to yourself 'I haven't seen that helmet before'. Do read on an the mystery will be revealed.

Geelong Carousel and Shopping Locally

8 Oct 2016

@findingfemme in Shabby Apply check dress on carousel in Geelong

Does anyone else jump onto a website, load things into their shopping cart, decide they have felt all the things they needed to feel and then exit without completing the order? I do this often, and I know it says something about how shopping for me isn't just about what I buy, it's about the feels I get during the experience. I've actually been curbing my spending habits all year and a big part of that has been identifying if I need to buy something or if I just want that feeling of buying it.
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