Blush Pink and Burnt Orange

30 Sept 2016

Lal Lal VIC 3352, Australia

Spring has arrived in Ballarat and with it has come blossoms and seemingly endless rain. This week we were hit with one of the worst storms in around 50 years. Luckily for us, we didn’t get the full intensity it delivered to South Australia, where the power of the entire state was knocked out. At any rate, it’s inspired hundreds of people to check out the nearby waterfall called Lal Lal Falls. We went and had a look.

Launch of The Lip Lab in Ballarat

29 Sept 2016

24 Doveton St S, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australia
@findingfemme checks out The Lip Lab in Ballarat to get a custom made lipstick

Earlier this evening my sister Goldfields Girl and I dropped into the opening night of The Lip Lab in Ballarat. The Lip Lab is a magical place where you can custom build your own lipstick. I'm not someone who's very into lipstick, but if there's one thing I've learned from this evening, my interest is clearly based on how much control I have over the creation process. You want nude? Bam! A warmed tone of nude? Bam! Matte or gloss? BAM! Cinnamon flavour? BOOM. That is literally the process for how my own personalised lipstick came together.

Pleated Skirt and Overcoming Procrastination

23 Sept 2016

Ballarat VIC, Australia

@findingfemme wears pleated leather blue skirt and rides a vintage bike in Ballarat

So after my blog post in which I talked about 'living for the weekend', a few people talked to me about finding the motivation to do so much (if you're thinking about how doing so much doesn't burn me out, I've written about that here). Being able to pack so much into one day can sure sound nauseating to some people, especially when you’re not used to that much activity. Motivation isn’t the biggest killer for me getting stuff done, it’s usually procrastination. 

Red, Black and White and How I Avoid Burnout

16 Sept 2016

@findingfemme wears red skirt with white cherry blossoms in Ballarat

As I super-busy high-achiever, one of the most important things I’ve had to learn in life is how to avoid burnout. If you read my blog often you probably remember this post in which I talked about how important it is to spread out breaks and doing the things I love so that I don’t see-saw between two extremes and end up living for the weekend. I’ve found the same principle can be applied when avoiding burnout. Smaller regular breaks are important to me when making sure I’m getting all the rest that I need and I’m not building up to a major crash. Here’s how I do it.

Biking Pretty in Lazybones

9 Sept 2016

@findingfemme in Yakkay helmet and lazybones dress on her bike

Hello Spring! Bike season is finally back for me and I’m so excited for it. Not much makes me as happy as I feel when I’m riding a bicycle. In fact, I used to have this beautiful little cottage where space was at a premium. I ended up having my bike in my kitchen. I’m that kind of girl. Goldfields Girl and I took a moment during the busy MSFW weekend in Ballarat to stylet his bike outfit.

MSFW Blogger Lunch

5 Sept 2016

One of the greatest parts of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week regional series in Ballarat was meeting so many people that I otherwise wouldn't have. On the Saturday of the weekend, I had lunch with the above group of incredible women, from left to right by their better known identities: The Girl Who Lived for Clothes, Lawstore, Jules Zass, Janelle Ryan (Little PR Co.), House of White, Cherrie Bobbins and myself. So what do a bunch of 'influencers' talk about when they get together?

MSFW Regional Fashion Series Catwalk

4 Sept 2016

@findingfemme at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week regional series in Ballarat

For the first time ever this year Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has had a regional extension, landing my hometown of Ballarat with a cluster of MSFW events of their own. These wrapped up last night with a final catwalk show. The designers features were local or from regional Australian backgrounds, and there was even a focus on wool which is a big export for the region. I was lucky enough to be asked to attend several of the events and I've taken some photos to share with you. 
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