A Birthday at the Tram Museum

27 Jun 2016

@findingfemme Ballarat birthday party on the restaurant tram

Ballarat has long history with trams. Trams used to run all over the city, but now they are a wonderful novelty at the Ballarat Tramway Museum, including a newly renovated restaurant tram which I hired for my birthday this year.

Tuesday Taster: My Favourite Food Groups

20 Jun 2016

I'm excited to taco-bout the new Fast Food collection from Bok Bok B'gerk. Make no minced-steak, it's so hot-doggone cute you'll be wanting to put a pizza it on your outfit to show your favourite part of the food pyramid. So without burger ado, here they are: pizza, taco, burger and hot dog!

Flower Crown Friday: Eyelash Competition

16 Jun 2016

@findingfemme styles a woodland queen with russian volume lashes

My friend Alysia has been giving me eyelash extensions for a few years now. Eyelash extensions are my favourite, and probably only, beauty indulgence. I like how much elegance and femininity they give my face without me having to wear make-up. I love not having mascara smudges under my eyes, and also being able to do everything I would normally do in life without wearing any make-up. She’s recently started doing Russian Volume lashes, which are so light I can barely feel them, and she’s even got in brown lashes just for me. So when she asked me to work with her on eyelash competition I was so excited.

Mitchell Harris

10 Jun 2016

@findingfemme at Mitchell Harris in Ballarat

One favourite spot I have wanted to do a blog post at, but have put off for so long, is Mitchell Harris. This is my default drinks and date venue and I also come to a networking event here once per month. It’s a wine bar, with a cosy atmosphere, great food and wonderful staff. I’ve finally brought it to the blog!

A Dior Inspired Gateway

2 Jun 2016

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Gillies St N, N Ballarat VIC 3355, Australia
@findingfemme wears Review Australia winter floral dress at Ballarat Botanic Gardens

I have very recently turned 30, which was nice because I’ve been rounding my age up since I turned 28. I read somewhere that Chanel told people she was 50 until she turned 50 and then she told everyone she was 100. The most wonderful thing about having a birthday is sharing it with wonderful people. The beautiful day I’m about to tell you about was one month after my birthday when I was sharing Mother’s Day with all the women in my family.
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