Tuesday Taster: Rainbows and Unicorns

30 May 2016

I've been collaborating with the talented Michelle at Bok Bok B'Gerk. This has mostly meant that Michelle puts all her creative brilliance into designing and hand painting her splendid brooches, and then she gives one of each to me to share with you. For the newer collections though, I've got to go one step further and actually take part in the styling and photoshoots! This has been one of the best things, in my opinion. I have had a wonderful time pairing outfits with brooches. This particular shoot fills a winter heart with happiness. So let me introduce you to the Rainbows and Unicorns collection!

Garden Tartan

23 May 2016

I am an online student studying at university. I’ve almost finished my degree, and while that feels like a great achievement, I can’t help but feel I’ve missed out on a few things. Students that study on campus get a really different experience and I’m beginning to become really aware of those things.

Tuesday Taster: Edward and a Scarf

16 May 2016

@findingfemme wears green Review top with navy striped skirt and orange Mimco flats.

I've just come home from a French lesson where I ran from my teacher's house to my car, clutching my textbooks to my chest to protect them from the rain. It's chilly and I have the heater on to fight the cold and stop it from settling into my skin. It's weather for wearing many layers, and time to start wearing a scarf around my neck. Except, I tend to find I wear scarves more in spring and summer than in winter. Maybe that means I should invest in more winter scarves? Perhaps it just means that I wear more scarves in warmer months because I can style them multiple ways, like this one I'm wearing today.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend: Steam Train

12 May 2016

Every year at Ballarat Heritage Weekend I go on the steam train with my mum. It’s become an annual part of our calendar, especially since we end up going on Mother’s Day. This year is the third time that I’ve done a blog post about the steam train and you can see the pictures for those posts here and here. Each year, the steam train posts ends up being my most popular blog post. Because of that, I really struggled coming up with an outfit that would match the stand out style of previous years.

Autumn Yellow

9 May 2016

@findingfemme wears mustard coat with bok bok b'gerk brooch and neck tie.

Yellow is my favourite colour. Seriously. This post has a tag on it for 'yellow'. Click on it and see how many wonderful outfits I've posted with the colour yellow in them. This one from last year is probably a stand out for me. When I first started blogging, I really wanted to get better at everything I was doing. Photography was a big part of that and I had to learn a lot, because I get other people to help me take the photos and I had to direct them. Initially I would often get frustrated not knowing what was going on behind the camera and not standing there changing it myself. I would often have photos I couldn’t use. It was a challenge to look through them and find some I could work with. Some shoots I organised haven’t ever made it to the blog. To give you an idea of how much work I put into the photos on my blog this a rundown of a typical shoot.

A Visual Diary of Fashion at Ballarat Heritage Weekend

7 May 2016

I know I usually take time to share plenty of words with you, but today instead of writing, I want to share with you some of my photography and hopefully it will capture the mood of today. My sister was in a fashion parade at the annual Ballarat Heritage Weekend and I took some candid photos before the show, behind the scenes and during the show. I'm a little out of practice with the camera, but did get some shots I was happy with. It was showcasing outfits from 10 different decades with elegance garments from the international couture Darnell Collection. Enjoy!

The Long Room

6 May 2016

Ballarat VIC, Australia
@findingfemme wears ASOS full length sequin gown to The Long Room at Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat.

Last week I got invited to try out a new bar that has opened in Ballarat: The Long Room. This venue is a bit special, because it’s the upstairs bar of Her Majesty’s Theatre, which is one of the oldest operating theatres in Australia. They are now going to begin opening on Friday evenings for drinks.

Clunes Booktown 2016

2 May 2016

@findingfemme wears red Review Australia coat at Clunes Booktown Festival 2016 on a Lekker Bike.

Autumn is my favourite season. The chill comes back to the air. Warmth begins to have a value like currency. The colour of the sky bleaches to white, or becomes heavy with grey rain. Trunks of trees and their branches are stained black because they are always damp. It’s in this season that my favourite events on the calendar begin. Starting with Clunes Booktown.
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