Blue Gingham and Straw Boater

27 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears blue gingham Review Australia dress with vintage Laura Ashley straw boater hat.

My mother is probably my favourite person on the planet. I’m the youngest of four kids, and I have never had a time in my life that we didn’t get along. None of the kids in my family have had trouble getting along with her. I can still remember a heap of the year we spent together before I was old enough to go to school, but my siblings had already started.

Lazybones Cross-stitched Summer

24 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears Lazybones cross stitched dress with orange scarf.

Summer is upon me. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, I’m not even sorry for bragging about this. I flipping adore cotton dresses in summer, and this Lazybones dress with cross stitch detailing is perfect for casual summer activities. These pics are from an afternoon enjoying with perfect weather with my workmates at the local lake. We sat on the grass, ate ice-cream, watched the swans and enjoyed absolutely perfect weather. It’s the sort of weather that is not too hot, but is sunny and there is a light breeze. The grass was green and cool and the trees swayed lightly above us.

Wearing Something From Her Wardrobe

20 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears pink, yellow and black Yeojin Bae dress for Her Wardrobe.

Having grown up with two sisters, I’ve always had the pleasure of being able to extend my wardrobe by stealing from theirs. While this was a source of frustration in our younger years, our much older and wiser selves figured out very quickly that another lady with a stylish wardrobe is better as an ally. 

Choosing My Christmas Day Dress - Review Floral

16 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears BAIT Footwear flats and Review Australia dress.

Each year I put loads of thought into what I will wear on Christmas day. My family have a bunch of traditions and as its summer in Australia, we often sit outside in the nice weather playing games in the garden. All the women wear their Mikimoto pearls and good dresses. This is one of the dresses I am considering wearing. All the gents wear bow ties. We play some games that result in everyone getting nick nacks, including, inevitably, a bag of marshmallows.

Arcade and Bright Pink

13 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears pink Lazybones dress to the arcade.

Here’s a little piece of information you might not know about me. I’m really good at arcade claw machines. Like, really good. This post is another collaboration with Lark to showcase their great range of clothing. I’m wearing another Lazybones dress, and this one was meant for the Ballarat Show, but due to a comedy of errors I didn’t get there in the dress. My beautiful friend Cath and I spent ages thinking about where else we could do photos and settled on the bowling centre, with its arcade area.

Taylor Swift, Lilac and a Ginger Cat

11 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears Voodoo Vixen lilac dress.

If you’ve noticed an absence of posts from me on my blog lately, it’s because I’ve been going through some personal stuff. It’s hard to take photos smiling or to write happy things when I feel anything but happy, which is why I’m so grateful to my dad for taking me to the Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne last night.
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