Primadonna Girl - Bloglovin', H&M and Floral

27 Jun 2015

@findingfemme in H&M pressed floral dress with blue and purple flower crown and Modcloth shoes at Suttons House of Music.

Before you get started, I'd like to invite you to listen as you look today. This blog post has been inspired by both Lana Del Rey and Marina the Diamonds. Please click on the name of the artist you love to go through to a playlist I've created for background music, especially for this post.

Classic Black, Leather and Bike

26 Jun 2015

@findingfemme wears black Modcloth skirt, black leather jacket and black ballet flats on black Lekker bike.

I like to abide by the theme of my blog motto: The Lifelong Pursuit of Elegance. I've got a pretty defined taste in style; it's a bit vintage, a lot classic and occasionally modern. I like to aim for a theme of elegance in every outfit I style. This one has been unique from all others I've done so far. As you know, I don't often do black. The closest I've come to black on black, was when I paired it with black floral in January. I therefor present you with my first ever full black outfit. Bike to match.

Deep Purple: Made in Ballarat

19 Jun 2015

Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree VIC 3350, Australia
@findingfemme wears autumn styled plum custom Clasch Design dress at Wendouree Lake in Ballarat.

This is my last week of study and I am studying diligently for an exam. Aside from refining what I know about sex and gender is Australian history, I'm also becoming a masterful procrastinator. Being burnt out from study undermines my resistance to procrastinating and I find myself doing the most boring tasks, and thoroughly enjoying them, simply because they aren't study.

Houndstooth Super Hero

12 Jun 2015

@findingfemme in silk houndstooth cape, black and white Review Australia dress, Wittner shoes and black hand muff.

I have been waiting to show you this cape since I began my exploration into fashion blogging in 2014. I've worked on a couple of designs for things with Claire Schreenan. Imagine a world where you could bring to mind any amazing design you would kill to wear, and someone incredible could make it for you. That's pretty much how things went me, Claire and this cape. I love capes and I have a growing collection. I pin them regularly on this Pinterest board. In my capely imagining I found myself swooning for the idea of a houndstooth cape. I used a trip to New York as an excuse to have one made.

Red and Floral at The Salon

5 Jun 2015

@findingfemme wears black floral Bardot dress, Review Australia sweater and Wittner Heels in Ballarat.

The last week has been intensely busy for me and I have very little to say because of it. Study is consuming all of my non work hours and every moment of it is difficult. I'm writing two essays concurrently. One is on Melanesian workers and their recruitment into the Queensland labour market. It's an area I knew nothing about before I started taking this particular history subject, which is why I love history. It's an interesting, but challenging subject. Things I've learned in it include: the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory was named after Charles Darwin, the American civil war impacted on Australia's sugar cane and cotton production, Papua New Guinea is part of the subregion of Melanesia, Australia has a horrible and complicated history of slave labour and indentured labour. That last one may seem very obvious, with the country having been colonised as a penal colony, but learning all the details about it has been really educating. I chose the essay on the indentured labour, slavery and kidnapping that went on to get Melanesian workers for the sugar industry because I knew nothing about it until I took on this subject at uni.
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