Taking Flight - Curls and Midi Skirt

29 May 2015

Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree VIC 3350, Australia
@findingfemme wears miss shop striped bow top, erstwilder earrings, Modcloth heels, Review Australia belt and Jane skirt in Geese from Bob by Dawn O'Porter in Ballarat.

I love clothes. I have loved them since I was a kid. I see clothes similarly now to what I did when I was younger. I used to love dressing up and seeing the ways different clothes could look. It was like creating an art piece. It should have a narrative. What is it trying to tell me? What does it make me feel? What does it say about the world around it? It's a small thing, but I'm more interested in clothes than I am in fashion. I don't really follow trends, I follow narratives. I love to find a story in some clothes. I like how they make me feel. It's for this reason I'm currently sitting in a Miss Patina mini skirt and knit t-shirt with a dressing gown over the top. I know it's winter and way too cold to wear them, but I just loved the story these items were telling.

Classic Cuts and Body Shapes

26 May 2015

@lianasmooz of Finding Femme with mini Diana lomography camera, navy beret, navy suede Modcloth heels and Megan dress by @karinadresses.

When talking about how to dress and style yourself, that old conversation usually pops up about defining your body shape. Every time anyone brings up this topic I automatically think of a fantastic tweet by cartoonist Gemma Correll which pokes fun at baiting articles and magazines that hope to reveal some amazing life hack about your body that will be a balm to all your styling insecurities.  It totally took the air out of labelling your body as anything more than something rad that deserves a hug. The tweet contained the below cartoon.

Heritage Weekend 2015

22 May 2015

Liana of Finding Femme wearing Daniel Wellington watch, Sheinside peter pan collar dress, straw boater hat and Modcloth wedges for Ballarat Heritage Weekend on the steam train.

People like to take my picture. I've learned to live with it. It's this amusing thing amongst a bunch of my friends and I. Even my partner will give me that knowing look and then point out someone who looks like they are building up the courage to ask to take my picture. It's odd. I'm yet to figure out why it happens...

2015 Tweed Ride

17 May 2015

Every year for Ballarat Heritage Weekend I organise a Tweed Ride. This year it was sponsored again by FedUni. Here are some shots and a video (with very loud sound) if you are interested in what went down on the day. Big thanks to the support from Suttons House of Music.

The Squirrel, Tartan and Beautiful Things

15 May 2015

Liana of Finding Femme in Review pink 'money penny' pussy bow blouse, orange tartan Modcloth circle skirt and Modcloth wedge heels with pink felted beret.

I have recently acquired a love of berets and flipped my lid at this delicious one I spotted on Etsy. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. It's amazing quality and was hand felted to order. They have a bunch of other beautiful designs too. You can check them out here.

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music

12 May 2015

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music on Ballarat Heritage Weekend

I have a bunch of homework to do so won't write a lot on this post, but I will say this: the Gatsby Cocktail Part at Suttons House of Music for Ballarat Heritage Weekend was a blast. I had a wicked time. Here's some shots of me and some of my buddies on the night.

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music on Ballarat Heritage Weekend

Cinema and Seeing Spots

8 May 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme visits Regent Multiplex Cinema Ballarat wearing an embroidered Alannah Hill cardigan and yellow Modcloth skirt.

Like plenty of things in Ballarat, my local cinema has been around for a few seasons. It's been around for so many seasons it used to be an old theatre, and lives on now in its new life as a movie theatre. Most people talk about IMAX or VMAX. We talk about Cinema 1. The main cinema is huge and it usually hosts opening nights of the best films, concerts and special screenings.

Female Doctor Who Outfit: Those Shoes

7 May 2015

So this is the second time I've posted on Instagram and had all the comments be 'ermagherd, those shoes'. Here's the pic that everyone is dying for the shoes this time around. Coincidentally, last time this happened, the shoes (which had been sold out on Modcloth for years) were available in the same place these ones are. This outfit is my attempt at being a Lady Doctor Who. Follow me on Instagram here.

I bought these Chelsea Crew shoes from Zuilily and they are on sale today (May 7). You can score yourself a pair, really cheap if you scoot on over there right now. Here they are. They are part of a sale of BAIT Footwear, Chelsea Crew and Miss L Fire shoes that are available which you can check out here.

Me on the Modcloth Blog

2 May 2015

In case you missed it, I did an interview with Modcloth about my hometown of Ballarat. The interview is featured on the Modcloth blog. I love Ballarat and really enjoyed the chance to share that love with other people. If you want to read the blog post, you can find it here.

- L

Garden Party in a Pink Midi

1 May 2015

Finding Femme in hot pink ASOS midi skirt, Alannah Hill blue floral silk blouse, and Modcloth blue suede wedges with tooled leather bag and rose gold hair.

Each week I try to think of something interesting to write to go with the pictures. My blog isn't any form of diary, so I can't just spill out onto a post what I've been up to in the last week. It try to always make sure it's interesting enough to read and a little bit thought provoking.
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