Ballarat Heritage Weekend - FedUni Tweed Ride

30 Apr 2015

Ballarat Heritage Weekend - Tweed Ride 2014.

Every year I put together a Tweed Ride for the Ballarat Heritage Weekend festivities. It's one of my favourite events and I love taking part in it and putting it together. It started four years ago when some friends and I decided we were going to do our own event and we rode around the autumn streets of Ballarat having a brilliant time. The local council contacted me the next year and asked me to make it an official event. I've been organising it ever since. This year we are working with FedUni to keep it a free and accessible event. Here are some pictures from last year and some of the previous years. Enjoy!

Ginger and Spice

28 Apr 2015

Finding Femme wears Review Australia blue floral dress and pearl belt.

After posting a couple of shots of this dress on Instagram, I had someone ask me to do an outfit photo series in it. I've done a mini one before with terrible pictures (so I'm not linking to it here), but thought the dress called for another proper series without the cardigan.

Art Gallery and Winter Coats

24 Apr 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia
Finding Femme at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery wearing belted Review Australia navy coat and blue floral dress with blue suede Modcloth shoes.

Have you ever put on a really gorgeous outfit only to have to cover it in a jacket for winter? It seems a waste of effort, even if the coat is gorgeous because one whole part of your outfit is hidden. I've stumbled across a way to solve this first world problem: belt the jacket open.

Finding Femme at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery wearing belted Review Australia navy coat and blue floral dress with blue suede Modcloth shoes.

Ballarat Apron Festival

21 Apr 2015

My favourite event of the year in my hometown is Ballarat Heritage Weekend. A new annual addition to the weekend is the Apron Festival. The above picture is one of my favourite aprons fron last year, because I love scrabble. Aprons can be entered in the following categories to win prizes:
  1. Prettiest baking apron – Sponsored by Vegas & Rose – Prize $100 voucher
  2. Best use of colour – Sponsored by The Crafty Squirrel – Prize $100 voucher
  3. Vintage/Heritage style – Sponsored by Divine Vintage – Prize $100 voucher
  4. Use of sustainable practices – Sponsored by De’bee signature balms – Prize $100 voucher
  5. Wearable Art Apron – Sponsored by Ballarat Heritage Weekend / Ballarat Council – Prize Voucher for high tea for 2 at Craig’s Royal Hotel
  6. Primary school student – Sponsored by Spotlight – 1st prize – $50 voucher, 2nd prize – $25 voucher & 3rd prize – $15 voucher
  7. Secondary school student – Sponsored by Spotlight – 1st prize – $75 voucher, 2nd prize – $50 voucher & 3rd prize – $30 voucher

This was my all time favourite apron, with cross stitched space invaders on gingham. Below is one of the event organisers, Morgan.

It's on again this year during Heritage Weekend on May 9 and 10. Check them out on Instagram for tons of pretty apron pictures.

- L

Delicious Yellow and Bike Style

17 Apr 2015

Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia
Finding Femme wearing yellow bird print Alannah Hill dress, riding a yellow Lekker Jordaan bike at Schaller Studio in Bendigo

When people used to ask me what my favourite colour was, I would always say it was green. A couple of years ago my family went through the tragedy of losing one of our youngest members and it changed my favourite colour for good.

Free Lightroom Preset for Fashion Photos: Make Colours Pop

14 Apr 2015

Finding Femme's free lightroom preset to make colours pop.

View this outfit and all the photos here.

When I started this blog, part of what I wanted to use that time for, was working on my photography hobby. While currently I don't get as much time behind the camera as I would like, I do get all the of time in post-production I could possibly want. There are several important parts to ever blog photo series I work on. The first, and most obvious, is picking the right outfit. This is something I've gotten better at over time with practice, and dealing with the pictures in post-production has helped with that a lot. I'm now more consistent at getting really good outfits together than I was when I first started, I can even easily say that in the last year I have been happy with every single outfit I've put together.

La Dolce Vita

10 Apr 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia

Finding Femme in Review Australia La Dolce Vita striped top, Alannah Hill belt, blue a-line Chicwish midi skirt and black Modcloth heels with bows.

All this month I'm wearing red lipstick to raise awareness for Red My Lips! Red My Lips is an international organisation that works to help survivors of sexual assault and to break down through rape myths and victim-blaming attitudes. All throughout the month of April, Warriors from across the globe will wear red lipstick to create visbility, demonstrate solidarity and support for survivors, and spark important conversations with people in their lives.

Ballarat Bike Path Lady Date - Sunday April 12 at 2pm

9 Apr 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia

Hey ladies! Are you in my hometown of Ballarat this weekend? If so, come along to our Ballarat Bike Path Lady Date. Ride your bike in to town and meet us at Suttons House of Music at 2pm for coffee and a chat. There's a heap of information about the lady date on our Facebook event here.

Sovereign Hill

7 Apr 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia
Finding Femme visits Sovereign Hill wearing green polka dot Review Australia, Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston and Sandler.

My hometown has this amazing, giant, interactive, open air museum that most people think is a theme park (I've thought that in the past). It's a museum dedicated to life on the Victorian goldfields, specifically in Ballarat, during the period of the 1850s.

Tooled Leather and a Remix

3 Apr 2015

Autumn is the Phoenix Season
I rose as a weakling, with ash in my mouth.
The sun bore down on me, the rain washed me out.
Initiated, I grew and grew strong.
I rose on the wind, and sung my heart-song.
I groomed my feathers, golden and red.
Caught the last sunlight and bowed my head
Stretched out my wings, burst into flame.
Burned down to ashes, and then rose again.
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