Tulle Skirt and Fond Memories

27 Mar 2015

Ballarat VIC, Australia
Finding Femme with rose gold hair in romantic mint Alexandra Grecco tulle skirt, Review Australia blouse and Modcloth shoes.

I've had this skirt for quite a while, but I was much too skinny for it when I bought it. I was really excited when I put it on today and it fit me perfectly. My bestie Tegan has had dibs on taking photos of me in this one since I bought it over a year ago, but alas I have gone behind her back today. She's a total photophile (light lover) so she's now jealous on two counts here because we took photos in this skirt without her and we had amazing light.

Floral and the Hat Shoppe

20 Mar 2015

Gordon VIC 3345, Australia

In preparation for last week's Tweed Picnic, my partner and I went to Gordon Hat Shoppe to buy some real tweed for him to wear. I also organise the Tweed Ride at the Ballarat Heritage Weekend each year, so we were looking for some tweed to add to outfits for that.

Tweed Picnic and Flight from Pompeii

15 Mar 2015

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Gillies Street North, N Ballarat VIC 3355, Australia

I love an occasion to dress for fun and enjoy good company. When such occasions are hard to come by, it pays to organise them yourself. As such, I planned a fun little event to welcome in my favourite Ballarat season: autumn. This event was a Tweed Picnic. Imagine a Tweed Ride without bikes but with cheese and wine and afternoon sun.

Pink Hair and Old Trams

13 Mar 2015

Liana of Finding Femme at the Ballarat Tramway Museum in Review Australia dress and cardigan.

This long weekend is the Ballarat Begonia Festival. The weather was proper Autumn style, with grey skies and cold air. We went to the festival to check out the amazing massive lego begonia they had this year. It was as wicked as it sounds. There were just under 100,000 pieces of Lego in the whole piece. After wandering through the event and gardens we ended up at the Ballarat Tramway Museum.

A Little Tourism Project

9 Mar 2015

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a couple of posts about working on something involving film cameras. This something is a TV commercial for my region (including the cities of Clunes, Maryborough, Castlemaine, Bendigo and my hometown of Ballarat). It has involved a whirlwind trip around quite a few places, lugging a bike along with, and capturing the heritage icons of each location. The above and below shots are from the Bendigo town hall, which has a very grand ballroom which I had never seen before.

New Hair and New Dress

6 Mar 2015

It's midnight and I should have done this blog post a week ago. I've been working on a TV advert with Ballarat Regional Tourism today and I'm totally exhausted. Please forgive me for not having a lot to say.

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