Stripes and Bikes

30 Jan 2015

One of the smallest things that brings me unlimited happiness is that often neglected activity of riding a bike. Just the action pedalling along overrides my 'bitchy resting face' and automatically makes me smile. I proudly call myself a cyclist, which is an odd thing to call yourself. It's like everyone that has a licence calling themselves a driver, and more people know how to ride a bike than know how to drive. Why is 'I'm a cyclist' used as a statement of identity, then?

Curls and Critters and Neck Ties

23 Jan 2015

When I was a kid, all I wanted a straight black hair and a normal name like 'Sam'. I wrote a lot when I was younger and always had an obsession with characters that had straight black hair. I even eventually began writing about this alter ego like I knew this amazing girl called Sam who had straight black hair and was really tough. Then when I got older, I got black hair and I straightened it. Eventually I grew into my name, and now I've also grown into my hair. Blonde and curly.

Spots and Cat Friends

18 Jan 2015

Another week, another outfit. These pics were all taken by my bestie Tegan before an night of card games with friends. Thanks to the good taste of people I know I have recently been introduced to adult card/board games, and not the sort that involve rude words, dice and handcuffs. The two games I've played hesitantly and then ended up loving are Love Letter and Avalon. If we've run into one another in the last few weeks you've probably had me tell you how amazing they are and confusing you with the rules.

So Frenchy So Chic

13 Jan 2015

All the ladies of the family went to So Frenchy So Chic in Werribee this weekend. It was a delightful picnic with awesome music and delicious food. Here are some casual snaps of our day. My sister and I bought flower crowns and I enjoyed taking some snaps of her and my sister in law.

Denim, Cats and Tapestry

11 Jan 2015

When I was a kid I remember a set of overalls I had. It was an overalls dress and I have found a photo to share of me wearing it. 

Best Outfits of 2014

5 Jan 2015

Let's do a countdown of my best outfits in the past year. It has been amazing fun finally getting myself organised to run my blog the way I always wanted and I've loved sharing my style with you. Now, as a special treat I have made animations of the outfits. Normally I only share these on Tumblr, but I thought a 'Best Outfits' post would be the ideal time to show the clothes in motion, as that really highlights how they move and feel. If the pictures don't load for you, you may need to try and alternative device, or click through the links to see all the pictures from the original post. On Bloglovin you can select the picture to enlarge it. Some of the files are a little bigger than I would normally post on Tumblr too, so I hope they aren't too much strain on your internet.

Let's count down from 14 to 1! Click on the names of each photo series to see the full set.

Back in Black Floral

2 Jan 2015

You know that thing where you find something on Pinterest that you love and you dig around until you find out where to buy it? If you don't, you should get Pinterest. This blouse is an example of this situation and it's a new favourite. I'm not actually sure what it was I saw that had me searching around, but something I saw took me to the website for the Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

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