Blue Gingham and Straw Boater

27 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears blue gingham Review Australia dress with vintage Laura Ashley straw boater hat.

My mother is probably my favourite person on the planet. I’m the youngest of four kids, and I have never had a time in my life that we didn’t get along. None of the kids in my family have had trouble getting along with her. I can still remember a heap of the year we spent together before I was old enough to go to school, but my siblings had already started.

Lazybones Cross-stitched Summer

24 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears Lazybones cross stitched dress with orange scarf.

Summer is upon me. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, I’m not even sorry for bragging about this. I flipping adore cotton dresses in summer, and this Lazybones dress with cross stitch detailing is perfect for casual summer activities. These pics are from an afternoon enjoying with perfect weather with my workmates at the local lake. We sat on the grass, ate ice-cream, watched the swans and enjoyed absolutely perfect weather. It’s the sort of weather that is not too hot, but is sunny and there is a light breeze. The grass was green and cool and the trees swayed lightly above us.

Wearing Something From Her Wardrobe

20 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears pink, yellow and black Yeojin Bae dress for Her Wardrobe.

Having grown up with two sisters, I’ve always had the pleasure of being able to extend my wardrobe by stealing from theirs. While this was a source of frustration in our younger years, our much older and wiser selves figured out very quickly that another lady with a stylish wardrobe is better as an ally. 

Choosing My Christmas Day Dress - Review Floral

16 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears BAIT Footwear flats and Review Australia dress.

Each year I put loads of thought into what I will wear on Christmas day. My family have a bunch of traditions and as its summer in Australia, we often sit outside in the nice weather playing games in the garden. All the women wear their Mikimoto pearls and good dresses. This is one of the dresses I am considering wearing. All the gents wear bow ties. We play some games that result in everyone getting nick nacks, including, inevitably, a bag of marshmallows.

Arcade and Bright Pink

13 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears pink Lazybones dress to the arcade.

Here’s a little piece of information you might not know about me. I’m really good at arcade claw machines. Like, really good. This post is another collaboration with Lark to showcase their great range of clothing. I’m wearing another Lazybones dress, and this one was meant for the Ballarat Show, but due to a comedy of errors I didn’t get there in the dress. My beautiful friend Cath and I spent ages thinking about where else we could do photos and settled on the bowling centre, with its arcade area.

Taylor Swift, Lilac and a Ginger Cat

11 Dec 2015

@findingfemme wears Voodoo Vixen lilac dress.

If you’ve noticed an absence of posts from me on my blog lately, it’s because I’ve been going through some personal stuff. It’s hard to take photos smiling or to write happy things when I feel anything but happy, which is why I’m so grateful to my dad for taking me to the Taylor Swift concert in Melbourne last night.

Fashion, Baby Duck, and My Theory of Existence

24 Nov 2015

@findingfemme wears Modlcoth pussy bow blouse, with straw boater, black circle skirt and ballet flats at Sovereign Hill.

On Thursdays I take a break from my normal life routine and I cycle into the city for a history internship. I love seeing my town by bicycle; it’s a totally different experience to getting around by car. Just like walking, when you’re on a bike you see details in architecture, distinctive plants, and of course, wildlife. The bike track I follow runs beside a river which is frequented by ducks. This spring, I’ve seen many ducky families enjoying the good weather. I’ve even helped one family cross the road. So on my way home from my internship this particular Thursday, I spotted a precious little baby duck, unable to move when I rode close by it.

Lazy Sunny Days - Lark

15 Nov 2015

@findingfemme wears Lazybones summer dress from Lark.

I'm lucky enough to live in the home city of online store Lark! I have loved the store for years, and just this week finally got the chance to meet and adore Allison, business owner and kindred style spirit. Both of us love British vintage prints and classic style, and I'm pleased to announced that this shared love will now be a shared love between Lark and Finding Femme! 

Etsy Floral - Salmon and Orange with Stripes

8 Nov 2015

@findingfemme wears stripes with floral etsy skirt.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the people joining the conversation I started earlier this week about having a negative body image for myself, even though I’m quite a body positive person. It was great to hear from so many of you that even those of us that look like we have it most together, still have to deal with that negative inner voice though at different volumes. If you missed out, you can read it here. Today I’m showing you a treasure I came across on Etsy that has quickly become a key part of my wardrobe.

27 inches - My Preoccupation with How I Look

6 Nov 2015

Liana of Finding Femme talks having a 27 inch waist and still being preoccupied with body image.

I want to discuss something that is quite personal. It’s something I’ve never spoken about on my blog, and really, it’s not something that I talk about with other people. It’s not something I seek other people’s opinions on. The topic I’m talking about, is my weight and appearance.

Halloween Costume - Around the World in 80 Days, Balloon.

1 Nov 2015

Liana of Finding Femme with a hot air balloon halloween costume, including tips for making one yourself.

Happy Halloween! Halloween isn't a celebration that goes down smoothly in Australia. It's really controversial here, because people feel like it's really American, commercial, and not held in the right season. Some religiously inclined people also think it's a little satanic (that's not me). I have recently come to love Halloween, thanks to brilliant, intelligent people, whose company I get to enjoy each year. It was for a Halloween party with them that I made this costume. It's not my usual weekly outfit, but I hope you like it!


26 Oct 2015

@findingfemme wears Review Australia skirt, Mimco flats and orange duck blouse with straw boater.

Every time I get to the point that I want to write a blog post, I have absolutely nothing to say. I think of witty and intelligent things regularly and tell myself I'll blog about it, but on blog writing day I draw a blank. Fortunately NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is coming up. Hopefully the daily goal of around 2,000 words will stimulate me to come up with some more in depth content.

Double Yellow and Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015

18 Oct 2015

@findingfemme wears yellow Modcloth brand blouse with petal collar and Modcloth floral skirt during TPFF2015

This blog post has been in the wings for a little while because I seemed to have so much yellow in a row! I took these photos when I went to Perth this last month for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. My friend Amy returned to the role of VIP Coordinator, with a few big VIPs including Dita Von Teese.

Blue and Green Floral

11 Oct 2015

@findingfemme wears blue and green floral dress.

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions, because I became an aunt to a perfect little boy. I also handed in my last uni assignments for 2 units. It's all about endings and beginnings and good weather.

Pearls, Florals and Bedtime Stories

6 Oct 2015

@findingfemme wears The Peach Box pearl earrings and Target floral pyjamas.

I am happy to announce that this is my first ever sleepwear outfit post. In thinking about where I would most like to style pearls, I remembered by best friend dropping in to visit me and I was wearing my jim jams and pearls which she thought that was the best. This is is classic me in collaboration with The Peach Box.

Red and Navy - Classic Bike Style

4 Oct 2015

@findingfemme rides a Lekker Bike in Review Australia striped top and navy midi skirt.

Spring has suddenly brightened up with a wave of toasty warm weather. I really should be studying but when study is on the table it becomes really hard to resist picnics with gin and cheese and bikes and good company. In summary, I've been on several bike led picnics in the past few days when I had important things to do and I'm not even sorry.

8 Tips for Posing in Photos

1 Oct 2015

One of my readers (hey Natasha) asked me to do a blog post on how to pose for blog photos. This definitely got me thinking so here are some tips from me on posing. Before I get into those, remember that to know how to pose you have to know your blog's style. I like mine to reflect elegance and a depth of character. It might not seem like much, but the images I use are always selected based on this goal.

7 tips for posing in blog photos with @findingfemme

Pastel Picnic

27 Sept 2015

@findingfemme wear Lazy Bones dress, straw hat and Top Moda coral wedges.

My partner and I have been enjoying the Spring weather with picnics, wine, cheese and lazy conversations. One of the best conversations involved why I loved the platypus, a native Australian animal. If I was a wizard, the platypus would surely be my patronus.

My Study Space

25 Sept 2015

The office space of blogger @findingfemme

This is the place where I get most of my study done. I bought this computer especially for the image, video and music editing that I do, and I love the happy feeling I get when I'm sitting in this spot working on stuff.

Springtime Sunshine, Mod-style and White Blossoms

20 Sept 2015

@findingfemme wears Spring yellow peter pan collar Modcloth top and navy striped skirt and yellow sandals

Sunshine is good for the soul and we're enjoying a break in the cold as Spring starts in Ballarat. My sister is about to have a baby and I'm excited to become an aunty. I'm adding more and more yellow to my wardobe, especially with encouragement from a few of my blogger friends, like Mona at Curls and Cakes. Yellow is an under-appreciated colour.

Yellow and Black with a Classic Scarf

13 Sept 2015

@findingfemme in yellow blouse with black lace collar, black Review Australia skirt, black bow heels and classic scarf.

Spring is finally here, and I'm enjoying wearing clothes without thermals underneath. I'm looking longingly at my bike, getting excited about ride friendly weather. I've had this top for quite a while, but this is honestly the first time I have worn it. It's taken me 2 years to figure out how to style it, and I'm quite happy with the result.

Welcome Spring

4 Sept 2015

@findingfemme in pink gingham Chicwish crop top and skirt set, enjoying spring cherry blossoms.

I have been so ready for spring for a while now, and when cherry blossoms begin blooming it's only a matter of time. It's these few weeks that I'm reminded just how many blossom trees there are in Ballarat. The streets look gorgeous and petals keep falling like snow. Already the days are noticeably longer, and I've extended my collection of crop tops to wear through to the hot weather.

Black Glassons Scarf and a New Style For Me

28 Aug 2015

@findingfemme wears Glassons scarf, black maxi skirt and black turtle neck crop top.

While most of the online communities I follow are moving into autumn, those of us in Australia are moving into spring. Moving into any season I can get obsessed with certain items that I want to wear until I'm sick of them. Kind of like replaying a favourite song. There are a few things currently on my mind like a classic 80s ballad: crop tops, scarves, hats. 

Vegas and Rose

21 Aug 2015

@findingfemme visits Vegas and Rose in Ballarat for some breakfast in Modcloth yellow floral skirt, black long sleeve crop top, black bow heels and straw boater.

This is a photo of me, taken by my bestie Tegan, shortly before we stopped being friends. Tegan has ditched me as a friend after everything she wanted at the Vintage Fair was in my size and I bought everything. More on the fair and why Tegan has vowed to never be my friend again at a later date. For now, let's have an adventure at Vegas and Rose.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale - Off Camera Flash Workshop

19 Aug 2015

Off camera flash trial by Michelle Dunn Photography

I'm excited to be working with a photographer again for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. This time I am working with the incredibly talented Michelle Dunn as part of a full day workshop for intermediate photographers to develop their skills in off camera flash. Today Michelle and I did a trial for the workshop to put together images for workshop attendees to develop their understanding of the technique. The above shots were taken one after the other, with the off camera flash on different settings.

My Sister's Baby Shower - AFE Fundraiser

16 Aug 2015

Liana of Finding Femme wears Portmans for AFE Foundation fundraiser and baby shower.

Most of the pictures I've been doing at the moment are taken by a heavily pregnant Goldfields Girl. She's super busy being pregnant and fabulous, and her kitchen is also being renovated (among other parts of the house). I threw her a baby shower with the help of a few people, to celebrate the anticipated arrival of her home-grown bundle.

Stop Self Sabotaging Your Personal Style - Be Yourself

14 Aug 2015

@findingfemme in red striped crop top, black Review Australia skirt and Modcloth bow heels with straw boater.

Hey there. You. Yeah you. Don't be shy! I want to talk about a common reaction people have when they find out that I have a fashion blog. It's a reaction I've had to professionals in the fashion industry when I've had the pleasure of meeting them, so it's made me reflect on the reaction myself. That reaction is to immediately apologise for my appearance, to ask them not to judge what I'm wearing and to feel really small. When people do that in response to finding out I have a fashion blog, I want to stop them and stomp on those thoughts right away. Here are the wise thoughts of some professionals I respect, on this reaction...

Hamlet, Clunes and Maryborough

7 Aug 2015

@findingfemme at Clunes and Maryborough in Review Australia navy midi skirt, Modcloth blouse and grey v-neck jumper.
At uni at the moment I am studying Hamlet. This week I had the exciting epiphany of understanding what Shakespeare was writing about when Hamlet starts with the words:

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
That Flesh is heir to?

A Night at the Tram Museum

6 Aug 2015

Liana of Finding Femme visits the Ballarat Tramway Museum for the Night Tram.

This evening in spite of the uncomfortable cold, my partner and I ventured out to have a look at the night tram rides that were happening at the local Tram Museum. I've done some photos there before and you can check them out here. The last night tram ran in 1971, and there were staff on the tram during tonights 'renactment' to give passengers information about the history of the trams cars and how they operated in Ballarat. The tram looped from the depot along the front of the gardens and back with fire twirlers greeting you at the start and the finish. It was a lot of fun! Here is deviation from my usual fashion photos from some moody night time snaps on the trams. I'm going to do another photo shoot with the Tram Museum soon, so consider this a preview!

Jumpers and Pretty Collars

1 Aug 2015

@findingfemme wears winter styled Modcloth lace collar blouse, navy jumper and floral skirt by Review Australia.

When I moved back to Ballarat for Perth, I didn't realise how badly prepared I was for winter. I still had all the clothes I'd had before, by Perth really made me appreciate that in cold weather, dressing appropriately is really important for your health. With that in mind, I invested in some snuggly coordinates to get me through the chilliest months.

Preppy Evenings #WeAreUs #WeAreBallarat

29 Jul 2015

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs campaign wearing black bodycon dress at Bar Wat in Ballarat.

This is my final outfit for the #WeAreUs campaign that is exploring individual styles across the world. I've been looking at how Ballarat influences my unique style, not compromising who you are and now I want to show you how my style means believing my inner voice. Finding your unique style has so much to do with realising you're working on your own canvas, not someone else's.

V-Neck Jumpers and Weekend Vibes #WeAreUs #WeAreBallarat

28 Jul 2015

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs campaign wearing v-neck sweater and high waisted jeans.

Continuing on from yesterday's introduction of's unique style campaign #WeAreUs, here's another look at the preppy influence on my individual fashion style from my hometown of Ballarat. This time I'm capturing something more casual, whilst still pulling from the preppy theme I love so much.

Finding a Unique Style #WeAreUS #WeAreBallarat

27 Jul 2015

@findingfemme for the #WeAreUs unique style campaign in BooHoo blue gingham skirt, blue blazer and lace blouse.

International clothing website recently launched in Australia and asked me to be a part of their unique style campaign #WeAreUs. The campaign is about celebrating our unique personalities through fashion, embracing the differences in everyone's individual style, and encouraging us to be our stylists. For the Australian side of this campaign, they wanted to showcase the different style in different states. I was asked to contribute to the Victorian state style snapshot with what Ballarat style is for me. So what is Ballarat style to me?

Pink Gingham and Kitten Kisses

24 Jul 2015

@findingfemme wears pink gingham Voodoo Vixen dress with Bettie Page t-bar heel and sheer blouse.

This dress makes me an owner of a total of 3 Voodoo Vixen dresses. It was so much fun to shoot and we had a guest appearance by a very cute, but also not very photogenic cat. Gingham is one of my favourite patterns. It reminds me of weekends having lunch with my much loved grandparents, who had a powder blue gingham table cloth. My grandmother would make pea soup, to be followed by Mexican or curry, and then trifle or fruit salad and ice-cream. On the best days, my grandfather would come home from the shop with hot jam doughnuts. He was a cobbler, and would usually smell like leather and boot polish.

Winter Velvet

17 Jul 2015

@findingfemme in winter Alannah Hill sweater, vintage velvet maxi skirt and vintage scarf at Wendouree Lake.

Just to state the obvious, it's winter and it's flipping cold. Is it any wonder that I have had a cold sore for the last few weeks? Ballarat is now at it's coldest, and everyone is hoping that we will get some snow like last year. Snow in Ballarat is uncommon. Fortunately for us, we don't have white winters. It does get wet, and cold enough that you don't want to go outside, and that's where a velvet skirt proves it's worth.

Winter Wonderlights at Sovereign Hill

14 Jul 2015

My hometown has an open air museum called Sovereign Hill. They have started a wonderful new event each winter where they take advantage of the short days and cold weather, and light up all the buildings with wonderful animated christmas lights. Until dusk, the usual fronts of the buildings are projected onto them, making the buildings glow in the gathering dusk. When darkness settles, and you have cinnamon fritters and mulled wine in hand, they set off the fake snow machines and the lights on the buildings come to life.

A Midwinter Night's Dream

10 Jul 2015

@findingfemme wearing Closet dress from Modcloth, and lace blouse with Bettie Page heels and flower crown.

I fell in love with this flower crown on Etsy some time ago, and have taken my merry time blogging it. So long it looks like the Etsy store isn't up any more. I'm also studying Shakespeare this Semester at uni. It's still winter here, so I was pretty cold doing these photos.

Gingham and Strawberries

3 Jul 2015

@findingfemme wears red gingham Alannah Hill dress, red Modcloth wedges and red strawberry bag.

I’ve had this dress and this bag for some time, and I’ve been waiting to put them together to show you. Who needs a wicker bag shaped like a strawberry? Everyone, that’s who.

Primadonna Girl - Bloglovin', H&M and Floral

27 Jun 2015

@findingfemme in H&M pressed floral dress with blue and purple flower crown and Modcloth shoes at Suttons House of Music.

Before you get started, I'd like to invite you to listen as you look today. This blog post has been inspired by both Lana Del Rey and Marina the Diamonds. Please click on the name of the artist you love to go through to a playlist I've created for background music, especially for this post.

Classic Black, Leather and Bike

26 Jun 2015

@findingfemme wears black Modcloth skirt, black leather jacket and black ballet flats on black Lekker bike.

I like to abide by the theme of my blog motto: The Lifelong Pursuit of Elegance. I've got a pretty defined taste in style; it's a bit vintage, a lot classic and occasionally modern. I like to aim for a theme of elegance in every outfit I style. This one has been unique from all others I've done so far. As you know, I don't often do black. The closest I've come to black on black, was when I paired it with black floral in January. I therefor present you with my first ever full black outfit. Bike to match.

Deep Purple: Made in Ballarat

19 Jun 2015

Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree VIC 3350, Australia
@findingfemme wears autumn styled plum custom Clasch Design dress at Wendouree Lake in Ballarat.

This is my last week of study and I am studying diligently for an exam. Aside from refining what I know about sex and gender is Australian history, I'm also becoming a masterful procrastinator. Being burnt out from study undermines my resistance to procrastinating and I find myself doing the most boring tasks, and thoroughly enjoying them, simply because they aren't study.

Houndstooth Super Hero

12 Jun 2015

@findingfemme in silk houndstooth cape, black and white Review Australia dress, Wittner shoes and black hand muff.

I have been waiting to show you this cape since I began my exploration into fashion blogging in 2014. I've worked on a couple of designs for things with Claire Schreenan. Imagine a world where you could bring to mind any amazing design you would kill to wear, and someone incredible could make it for you. That's pretty much how things went me, Claire and this cape. I love capes and I have a growing collection. I pin them regularly on this Pinterest board. In my capely imagining I found myself swooning for the idea of a houndstooth cape. I used a trip to New York as an excuse to have one made.

Red and Floral at The Salon

5 Jun 2015

@findingfemme wears black floral Bardot dress, Review Australia sweater and Wittner Heels in Ballarat.

The last week has been intensely busy for me and I have very little to say because of it. Study is consuming all of my non work hours and every moment of it is difficult. I'm writing two essays concurrently. One is on Melanesian workers and their recruitment into the Queensland labour market. It's an area I knew nothing about before I started taking this particular history subject, which is why I love history. It's an interesting, but challenging subject. Things I've learned in it include: the city of Darwin in the Northern Territory was named after Charles Darwin, the American civil war impacted on Australia's sugar cane and cotton production, Papua New Guinea is part of the subregion of Melanesia, Australia has a horrible and complicated history of slave labour and indentured labour. That last one may seem very obvious, with the country having been colonised as a penal colony, but learning all the details about it has been really educating. I chose the essay on the indentured labour, slavery and kidnapping that went on to get Melanesian workers for the sugar industry because I knew nothing about it until I took on this subject at uni.

Taking Flight - Curls and Midi Skirt

29 May 2015

Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree VIC 3350, Australia
@findingfemme wears miss shop striped bow top, erstwilder earrings, Modcloth heels, Review Australia belt and Jane skirt in Geese from Bob by Dawn O'Porter in Ballarat.

I love clothes. I have loved them since I was a kid. I see clothes similarly now to what I did when I was younger. I used to love dressing up and seeing the ways different clothes could look. It was like creating an art piece. It should have a narrative. What is it trying to tell me? What does it make me feel? What does it say about the world around it? It's a small thing, but I'm more interested in clothes than I am in fashion. I don't really follow trends, I follow narratives. I love to find a story in some clothes. I like how they make me feel. It's for this reason I'm currently sitting in a Miss Patina mini skirt and knit t-shirt with a dressing gown over the top. I know it's winter and way too cold to wear them, but I just loved the story these items were telling.

Classic Cuts and Body Shapes

26 May 2015

@lianasmooz of Finding Femme with mini Diana lomography camera, navy beret, navy suede Modcloth heels and Megan dress by @karinadresses.

When talking about how to dress and style yourself, that old conversation usually pops up about defining your body shape. Every time anyone brings up this topic I automatically think of a fantastic tweet by cartoonist Gemma Correll which pokes fun at baiting articles and magazines that hope to reveal some amazing life hack about your body that will be a balm to all your styling insecurities.  It totally took the air out of labelling your body as anything more than something rad that deserves a hug. The tweet contained the below cartoon.

Heritage Weekend 2015

22 May 2015

Liana of Finding Femme wearing Daniel Wellington watch, Sheinside peter pan collar dress, straw boater hat and Modcloth wedges for Ballarat Heritage Weekend on the steam train.

People like to take my picture. I've learned to live with it. It's this amusing thing amongst a bunch of my friends and I. Even my partner will give me that knowing look and then point out someone who looks like they are building up the courage to ask to take my picture. It's odd. I'm yet to figure out why it happens...

2015 Tweed Ride

17 May 2015

Every year for Ballarat Heritage Weekend I organise a Tweed Ride. This year it was sponsored again by FedUni. Here are some shots and a video (with very loud sound) if you are interested in what went down on the day. Big thanks to the support from Suttons House of Music.

The Squirrel, Tartan and Beautiful Things

15 May 2015

Liana of Finding Femme in Review pink 'money penny' pussy bow blouse, orange tartan Modcloth circle skirt and Modcloth wedge heels with pink felted beret.

I have recently acquired a love of berets and flipped my lid at this delicious one I spotted on Etsy. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. It's amazing quality and was hand felted to order. They have a bunch of other beautiful designs too. You can check them out here.

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music

12 May 2015

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music on Ballarat Heritage Weekend

I have a bunch of homework to do so won't write a lot on this post, but I will say this: the Gatsby Cocktail Part at Suttons House of Music for Ballarat Heritage Weekend was a blast. I had a wicked time. Here's some shots of me and some of my buddies on the night.

Gatsby Cocktail Party at Suttons House of Music on Ballarat Heritage Weekend

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