Outfit Remix: Re-styling my Favourite Skirt

31 Dec 2014

I'm a big believer in wearing things more than once. Remember that old fashion rule that you shouldn't be seen in the same thing more than once? I would say get rid of it, but in the theme of things, how about we recycle it? The manufacture of clothing has huge environmental, social and economic impacts, so not re-wearing clothes you've bought isn't just a strain on your own bank account, it's a strain on a lot of natural and human resources. On top of that, if something is designed really well, it's a great compliment to the designer for you to want to wear it again and again. I have a skirt from Modcloth that I really love. It's called the Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral and it is my go to item for most occasions. So for today's guest blog post on Jeans and a Teacup, I'm going to show you how I style one skirt five different ways.

Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone had a fabulous festive season. I enjoyed Christmas with my family in Ballarat. I know these pictures are much later than expected, and I apologise for the delay. I am currently without internet so preparing blog posts is much more difficult than it should be. In the meantime while I prepare some other posts for your enjoyment, enjoy this mini outfit post featuring what I wore on Christmas day.

Natural Curls and My Wardrobe

19 Dec 2014

As I share this blog post with you, I'm being separated from my wardrobe. In the last year I have had several logistical adventures with all of my clothes. The first was when I moved into a beautiful two bedroom cottage, all by myself. As you can imagine, I have a lot of clothes and I needed to a lot of space. I used the second bedroom as a dressing room and decked it out with four shoe racks and three double bar clothes racks. There were many tragic events involved clothes racks collapsing, simply because the clothes racks and rails sold to the general population aren't the same strength and quality as the commercial clothes racks used in retail. I culled a lot of clothes because then I had to move all of what remained to Western Australia.

Collars and Ties

13 Dec 2014

This year I moved to Perth, where summers are hot. I was born and conditioned to the weather of the world in Ballarat, a place which is the punch line to most jokes in Australia about cold temperatures. In preparation for the move, my partner and I began stocking my wardrobe by stopping in at a Perth vintage store every time I visited. The store had a range of clothes that had already been tried and tested in a Western Australian summer so it was a good start to getting myself ready to cope with the heat.

Outfit Remix: Rocking a Neck Tie

8 Dec 2014

Here is a little remix of some blog posts which have featured outfits that include a neck tie or bow tie. I have left out outfits with scarf style neck ties and pussy bow blouses for this one, but may do another later on.

Rooftop Cinema and a Nomination Thing

5 Dec 2014

Being from Ballarat I'm lucky to be a part of a great community of artistic people. They are really welcoming, supportive, creative and beautiful. Anyway, one of the gals from the arts scene recommended me to do a thingy over here on her blog.

Street Art and Spots

1 Dec 2014

I went looking at street art in Perth with my partner recently. He took a couple of photos of me with the art, so here is a little mini outfit post. I do feel a mild amount of guilt each time I am wearing one of these embroidered cardigans during a blog post. I have blogged them a lot, but they are comfortable. I adore them and I firmly dismiss the idea that people can't see in the something more than once. Wearing things again and again gives them worth. It rewards good design and promotes more sustainable clothing habits. Given that I keep wearing these cardigans regularly, I hope you like them.
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