London Court, Birds and Bow Ties

28 Nov 2014

My brother is in town this week (just after my best friend Mel went home). I've been doing lots of tourist things, which has been lovely. One of my favourite spots in the city is the very touristy London Court. The arcade was built in the 30s for a chap called Claude de Bernales in an Elizabethan style. It has shops on the bottom levels with cute cast iron signs. Up the top there are glass bay windows with overhanging flowers. Originally the top level was to be inner city residential living, but  today it's mainly offices.

Mint, Pink, Gingham and Floral

24 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears pink gingham pinup knit blouse from Review, pink Alannah Hill belt and mint and pink floral skirt and mint shoes from Modcloth.

Another busy week and not much to show for it. It has been one of those weeks where you work so hard to stay in the same spot and you can't get ahead. This is usual of the end of a year and I'm sure it won't slow down until after the Christmas period. I've had a visit from one of my best friends this weekend, and the time has flown by. In Perth, time seems to be marked by the blooming and falling of Jacaranda blossoms. The purple flowers line the streets and parks, and they lay down a royal carpet as the days roll by. Their blossoms catch on the strong Perth wind and float to the ground, like the ticking by of each second on the clock of the earth. Tick, tick, tick. 

Hummingbirds and Pastel Tartan

16 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia pastel tartan dress, Alannah Hill headband, Princess Highway pink embroidered bird cardigan and Modcloth shoes and earrings.

I may or may not have loved this cardigan so much that I bought it in more than one colour. I usually love only one Review dress in each collection and this one was it meant for me.

A Love Letter to Perth

8 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia tennis top, purple cardigan and love letter midi skirt with yellow neck tie, mint Modcloth earrings and mint sandals by BAIT footwear.
Writing is one of my favourite things. I've loved it all of my life and I don't give it as much attention as I should. I love writing poetry, stories, memoirs, all of it. I also love writing letters. Currently my entire writing equipment (apart from my rad German typewriter) is in storage, so a big sorry shout out to all my pen pals out there. I know I have some outstanding letters to send, which won't get to you until after Christmas.

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