Embroidered Birds, Gingham and Peter Pan Collars

31 Oct 2014

Today I want to start by thanking Jamie over at Petite Panoply for her kind words about one of my outfits! You're a spunk and I'm blushing madly!

Liana of Finding Femme wears dangerfield gingham dress, princess highway embroidered bird cardigan, naturalizer shoes and black bowler hat.

My photographer's hands have healed up enough that we managed a small photo set today which I hope you enjoy.

Cotton Summer Dresses

17 Oct 2014

A long while ago I came across a beautiful picture on Pinterest of some beautiful dresses, made from vintage sheets. The image is from the blog for unique dresses handmade by Naughty Shorts.

Bookish Delights and Reading Style

10 Oct 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears plum Modcloth midi skirt, wedge heel oxfords, and Modcloth navy polka dot peter pan collar blouse.

It his highly appropriate that this week's outfit photo set has aligned with J.K Rowling announcing new Harry Potter world stories. Books, stories and written adventures are one of the biggest parts of my life and have brought me plenty of happiness since I was young. I came to Harry Potter later than I should (I think I was in my mid teens when I started reading), and I used my favourite of the books in these pictures. That was simply because I liked the way the maroon cover clashed with my plum skirt.

Floral, Carnival and the Perth Royal Show

3 Oct 2014

Liana of Finding Femme at the Perth Royal Show wearing Review Australia floral dress and purple cardigan with Wheels and Dollbaby belt

When I was young my grandparents had a house by the beach in St Leonards. One of my favourite memories of our time spent around those beach towns was my grandmother teaching me how to play the clowns at the fair. It is still ritual with me now, and I made to sure stick with it while attending the Perth Royal Show.
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