Photoshop and Finding Femme: Let's Talk the Beauty Truth

28 Sept 2014

There is a lot of healthy movement online at the moment on the topic of unrealistic expectations of beauty. There have been public calls for transparency in regards to the digital manipulation of images used to present 'beautiful' women in advertising. Delightfully Tacky wrote a great piece on it over on her blog here, with some great example images. Her examples include ribs, rolls, thighs and size all being erased in order to prepare an image for public consumption.

Cherry Blossoms, Skirts and Ikebana

19 Sept 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears wine coloured shirt, Modcloth ikebana tapestry floral midi skirt, Modcloth suede berry coloured heels.

We have welcomed September with the first days of spring. Yet on Modcloth, one of my regular shopping haunts, the styles have turned to autumn tones. With this changing of season comes the all new style of Ikebana Skirt.

Floral Blazer, Jeans, and Me at the TPFF

12 Sept 2014

Let's all agree that this is exactly what the working uniform would be if I owned some sort of fast food chain. I feel only the floral takes away from the burger-joint look. I'm slowly working on growing out my pixie cut and here is my hair fresh from the new stage of style. I've got some fun news that I'm sort of bursting-at-the-seams to announce, sort-of-terrified about.

What I Wore: August

9 Sept 2014

August may have been the last month of winter for me, but with so much fine weather you could hardly tell. These are not the images of a winter child. I blame Perth.

Budding Spring - Mint Polka Dots

5 Sept 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears mint polka dot Modcloth dress, pint bettie page shoes and pixie cut.

Hooray for the first day of spring. Flowers are starting to bloom and cold days are starting to become inexcusable. 
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