Floral and Spot

29 Aug 2014

Perth WA, Australia

I know, I know. You have seen this skirt many times before. It is my favourite skirt and I am a big believer in wearing clothes as much as you can. More on that on another day, because I think today is a good day to talk about nostalgia.

Ladylike Clothes - Floral and Flowers

22 Aug 2014

When I was much younger I was quite a tomboy. Being a girl wasn't open to interpretation, it meant floaty, frilly and pastels and things that could blow away in the next strong wind. I was more of an obnoxious stand-your-ground type girl, and no amount of wind howling about my ears was going to blow me away.

Olive Dresses and Flamingos

15 Aug 2014

An old mentor used to say to me 'only boring people get bored'. It's a statement that I have carried with me and thought about often. I remember when I first heard it that I thought that the statement wasn't fair, but it still made me very self aware when I got bored and I put in a conscious effort to get away from the boredom.

Swooning Sunday: Vintage Dresses from Word from the Bird

10 Aug 2014

You might remember a post I did from a little while ago where I met some lovely ladies on the street in Ballarat (see the blog posts here and also at the Tweed Ride here). They were wearing magnificent vintage dresses and we got talking and sharing style. It turned out they run a little Etsy shop called Word from the Bird where they source, curate and then put up for sale original vintage dresses.

Wearing is Daring - Red and Pink

8 Aug 2014

Perth WA, Australia

There are colours that 'shouldn't go together', apparently. It's one of those fashion rules. We've all heard a lot of fashion rules throughout our lives.
- Blue and green should never be seen
- Don't wear navy and black
- Ankle length skirts make you look frumpy
- Socks don't go with sandals
- Pear (and Skittle) body shapes shouldn't wear skinny jeans
- Shoulder pads are ugly
- Big belts aren't fashionable

The thing about most fashion rules is that they change according to what is on trend...

What I Wore: July

3 Aug 2014

It's August already and I am wondering how the time has gone by so quickly! I have been intending to do little 'recaps' of each month's outfits at the end of the month and as yet, haven't done so. Before we head off into another month of outfits, let's take a look at what we did in the last few weeks.

A Nice Holiday

1 Aug 2014

Hyde Park, Vincent Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Wheels and Dollbaby Holiday in Nice dress in black and white gingham with black cardi and straw boater hat at Hyde Park in Perth.

Yesterday at midday we wandered down to Hyde Park. I put on this dress which I have never had the opportunity to wear, because it doesn't fit me. The waist is right, the shoulders are right, but the bust is just too small. I wasn't able to try it on in store and bought it online. Even though  I have other dresses the same brand in the same size, this dress is just impossible for me. This makes me sad, so I thought a single photo shoot to send her off would be fun.
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