Swooning Sunday: Cath Kidston Pie Funnel

27 Jul 2014

Everyone has something they collect. I unconsciously collect shoes and consciously collect 'pie birds' or 'pie funnels'.

I spotted this one whilst browsing Pinterest and had a swoon. Then I went to the Cath Kidston website to discover they aren't available. I'd really love to add one to my collection.

Confetti - An Iconic Dress at an Iconic Gate

25 Jul 2014

Highgate WA 6003, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia polka dot dress with red Glassons belt and red patent pumps at Perth Oval.

There are things in life that I find difficult to say no to. I think this isn't because of a lack of self discipline or will, but simply because some things are so enjoyable and life is so short that saying no to them is silly. We only get one life and we can't take anything with us at the end. The ancient Egyptians used to bury their dead with things to prepare them in the next life. Tombs of the wealthiest Egyptians would have furniture, precious stones and metal, and sometimes even people. If I was an Egyptian, my tomb would be filled with cookies, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books, telescopes, tea and tea cups and dresses with polka dots.

How I organise my shoes

21 Jul 2014

How I organise my shoe collection using ikea and Stylebook digital wardrobe app.

The thing about having lots of anything is justifying having so much of it by using it. I could be talking about shoes here, but I could also be talking about endless piles of quilting fabric, pairs of earrings, DVDs, mixing bowls or, in my brother's case, Ironlak spray cans. I know that for my part, shoes are regularly and eagerly collected (please, I've had as many people rhyme my name with banana who have called me Imelda so just don't), so I always make sure what I'm adding to my established selection is wearable, goes with clothes I own and isn't superseded by something I already have.

Chocolate Orange and Northern Hemispherism

18 Jul 2014

Golden Point VIC 3350, Australia

I am huge fan of the film (and the book) Chocolat. I love the style of the characters and have been inspired enough by them to start a board on Pinterest in order to get ideas for my own wardrobe from it. View the board here.

I'm on all the things!

15 Jul 2014

Hey there, spunky!

Do you find yourself sharing similar tastes to me? Want to know how you can further indulge in these similar tastes? I'm on a bunch of platforms and each has something a little different.

Black, White and Bougainvillea

11 Jul 2014

Hyde Park, Vincent Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia black and white striped sailor top with Modcloth black midi skirt, bicycle brooch and black felt hat at Hyde Park, Perth.

I very recently made the difficult decision to leave a job and a workplace that I loved and this meant parting from some excellent work colleagues. Over the years working together you gather little treasures of information about each other. After all, these are people that you know intimately on a professional level, we may not necessarily know the many personal dimensions of our work friends. I think this creates an interesting relationship of respect, in that, you respect that the person has a completely separate home/personal identity that you do not know. 

Gingham and Floral

4 Jul 2014

Perth WA, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Modcloth Academia Ahoy blazer in navy, C Wonder green gingham shirt, Modcloth navy polka dot and floral a-line skirt with red Reid Cycle bike.

I have a new bicycle! I picked up this 6 speed bike from Reid Cycles with matching helmet for short trips to the shops and to tide me over until I can save up for the more upmarket bike that I have my eye on.
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