In the Navy

27 Jun 2014

Fremantle WA, Australia

Liana of Finding Femme in Fremantle WA wearing vintage chelsea collar dress, nave embroidered cardigan, Modcloth blue suede wedge heels and Review Australia navy 'Willow' winter coat.

In Perth this week it has rained constantly. I'm used to the sort of rain that you can walk around in. In my hometown (3000km away), rain and cold are usual. People live with it, they are used to walking around in it, riding in it. This week in Perth, the rain has come in with storm fronts, billowing on the wind, pelting everything from every angle. You would get less wet standing in a shower.

Giveaway: My Favourite Earrings

24 Jun 2014

In case you hadn't noticed, I have done a couple of blog posts now wearing a distinctive pair of earrings. I love the earrings, and the company that makes them, so I would like to share the love.

Mustard Sunshine and the Metamorphosis

20 Jun 2014

Northbridge WA, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears mustard cardigan, pixie cut, peter pan collar Modcloth blouse with black pussy bow neck tie, high rise skinny jeans and Chelsea Crew shoes in Northbridge, Perth.

There is a saying by Coco Chanel that goes "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Sailboats and flowers

13 Jun 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Modcloth pussy bow blouse, mind and pink floral Modcloth midi skirt, bubblegum pink bettie page heel, pink Alannah Hill belt, navy Laura Ashley embroidered sailboat cardigan.

Many moons ago when I first discovered Laura Ashley I got hooked on a collection with sailboats, bunting and spots. It was my favourite Laura Ashley collection and I haven't seen anything like it since. As I was too poor to invest lots of money in buying the pieces I wanted, I have been watching out for them on eBay ever since. I bought a few things at the time including this bag and dress and the below cardigan with embroidered bunting. 

My Big Wardrobe Sale

10 Jun 2014

I have had to move from having a whole room as my wardrobe, to having a room with a wardrobe. This has meant that I have had to make some huge cuts from my current collection (not all of them happy). It has meant some weeks of sitting around having serious words with myself about 'how often do I actually wear that thing'. I have already done one round of selling and a second load of items are now up.

Off to Hogwarts - Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2014

6 Jun 2014

Western Plains, VIC, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears navy Modcloth Academia Ahoy blazer, black necktie, straw boater, green tartan school skirt at Ballarat Train Station for the steam train ride at Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend takes place in May every year on Mothers Day weekend. This year (2014) it was on May 10 and 11. As I organised the FedUni Tweed Ride on the Saturday, I only had the Sunday to explore the activities that were happening. One of my favourite things to do is catch the steam train. It was the last thing we did at the festival and it was just myself and my mum who went. I took my camera with me as I had been taking photos of the event and mum offered to have a go at photographing me for the blog.
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