Waiting for a train in Ballarat

30 May 2014

Ballarat VIC 3350, Australia

Imagine having a dream that is so clear you could sketch it onto paper. So clear you could colour it for other like minds, and then work with them to bring it to life. This blog post is the result of two dreams. 

Public Form in the Never Ending Summer

23 May 2014

Perth may be the most isolated capital city on the planet, but they have it easy in other areas. Mainly in weather. After spending a week in Perth and enjoying balmy Autumn temperatures I felt bad for all my Victorian friends that were adjusting to the first chilly temperatures of the season. ANZAC day dawn ceremonies in Ballarat were enjoyed with a temp of 2 degrees (Celsius. That's 35.4F). Meanwhile in Perth, I enjoyed the chance to keep strutting about in summer dresses like this sleeveless number.

Remembering Paris

21 May 2014


Here is a throwback to my last visit to Paris with my sister - Goldfields Girl. She is wearing navy, tan and pink colours. I used two different cameras to take these snaps so the last images have a different feel to them. Enjoy!

All I Want is to Ride My Bicycle

16 May 2014

Golden Point VIC 3350, Australia

Liana of Finding Femme riding her Lekker bike in bubblegum pink Bettie Page shoes from Modcloth, Alannah Hill sweater, vintage mint midi skirt with basil pannier bags in Ballarat.

I have a beautiful Lekker bike. It's one of my favourite possessions and people always stop me to say how gorgeous it is. I normally have a basket on the front (thus the black bracket) but in order to use the LED light when days are getting so dark so quickly at the minute, I have taken the basket off.

FedUni Tweed Ride 2014

15 May 2014

For the past three years, I have organised a Tweed Ride in Ballarat as part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend activities. It is an event that I love, as do my friends and family. This year I organised the event through Federation University Australia, who already have a supportive cycling culture within their organisation.

Tuesdays with Tegan - Clunes Booktown

13 May 2014

Feathers and Spots

9 May 2014

This is one of my all time favourite outfits. I don't have much to say about, I just love the simple combination of items.

A Postcard from Carlton North

7 May 2014

One of the biggest challenges to getting my blog active again was having someone to take photos of me. I could take photos until the cows come home, but struggle with having the set up to photograph myself. I find photography is a very dynamic activity (I’m no pro, it’s just a hobby) so setting up a camera with a timer or on a tripod with a remote means I have to move to suit the camera, it can’t follow me and frame me in the best way. 

Black hearts and the history of my straw hat

2 May 2014

Every time I wear this hat, people tell me that they love it. Today’s outfit post was inspired by my last trip to Paris with my sister. This was when the hat returned home, and it has a long story behind it.

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