Spots and Begonias

30 Apr 2014

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Gillies Street North, Ballarat VIC 3355

The best time of year to visit the Ballarat Botanic Gardens is in Autumn. If you miss the Begonia Festival, you will at least see the gardens at their best. The gardens were our chosen location for this particular set of pictures.

Mint and Mustard - a Floral Delight

25 Apr 2014

Sturt Street, Ballarat VIC, Australia

I am an advocate for wearing and rewearing clothes. Let people see you in the same outfit more than once. If the outfit is that great it's worth wearing again. I wore this skirt to a Sunday brunch on the first cold day in Autumn. To keep warm I partnered the outfit with this purple jacket from Chitra's Closet.

Blush and Tan - Out for Brunch with My Sister

23 Apr 2014

Ballarat VIC, Australia

This is a series of pictures I snapped while out for breakfast with my sister (Goldfields Girl) a few weeks back. My favourite bit about this outfit is her long lace scarf. Sorry, I can't let you know what she is wearing and where it is all from because I don't know. Hopefully, if you have similar tastes, her style inspires you to try some similar combinations with your wardrobe though. Enjoy!

Alice in Parkland

18 Apr 2014


I normally post only twice a week (Tuesdays with Tegan and a regular Friday post). The thing is, I have a few posts to get through and the weather is becoming more and more wintry. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and the rain is more frequent. This photo set was done on a day with too much sunlight to delay posting in for long. At the rate I'm going it would have had to wait until June, which would not do.

Ballarat's own plus size market - A Plus Market

17 Apr 2014

This  keen for you to hear about it!

A ly provides women with a market where 'plus size' choices abound and now A Plus Market is bringing that choice to Regional Victoria!

What's a little rain to a girl with a new coat?

16 Apr 2014

My favourite birthday present by far is this stunning Review coat that my parent's bought for me. When I was in Review picking up some cardigans I spotted this one on the shelf. It hadn't been on the website yet so it was new to me. I decided to slip it on over what I was wearing and it fit beautifully. The cut is fantastic, the quality is excellent and the full skirt is just to die for. I haven't worn something of quality this good since I had a dress and cape made by Clasch Design. If you have a vintage dress with a full skirt that requires a petticoat, this coat is for you. The full skirt means it shows off the full shape of any skirt or dress underneath.

Tuesdays with Tegan - Red Velvet

15 Apr 2014

Red velvet is becoming a bit of a theme with these Tuesday posts. Today Tegan wears a red velvet skirt made by her mum, a white thrifted shirt and a neck tie from Modcloth. (Earrings by Bok Bok B'gerk)

A Birthday Picnic and a Floral Dress

11 Apr 2014

Lake Wendouree, VIC 3350, Australia

My birthday was forecast for rain. Initially I tried to find a time of day when it wouldn't be raining in the hope of having a picnic in Ballarat's stunning Botanic Gardens. When the forecast eventually said 'rain, just rain, all day', I decided to try a different approach. Dotted along the lake foreshore across the from the gardens are a handfull of rotundas. We scoped out one on the morning of my birthday and then decked it out with tea and cakes.

Tuesdays with Tegan - Pink and Prettiful

8 Apr 2014

Hooray! It's Tuesdays with Tegan. Today Tegan is wearing a pink Modcloth dress that she saved for ages to buy. She is also wearing a flower headband made by her sister and a mint unicorn necklace that my partner and I bought her for Christmas. I haven't told you about my partner yet, so for future reference we will refer to his loveness as the Archaeologist. So yeah, necklace was a gift from myself an the Archaeologist.

Happy Birthday to Me

4 Apr 2014

It is my birthday tomorrow so I have saved this post of my most favourite skirt just for this week's post. This is extra special because it was my first contribution to the Modcloth style gallery and they emailed me to let me know that the below image was going to go onto the featured page. Needless to say, I did a happy dance.

Dresses at Dusk: an evening with Tegan

1 Apr 2014

This lovely lady is Tegan. She is one of the most important and influential women in my life. She is also one of my best friends. This is the sort of girl who will drive you to the hospital at 4am, snuggle up on the couch in a onesie that matches yours and watch Doctor Who with you, and leave you a whole tray of red velvet cupcakes just for looking after the cat.
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