Outfit Remix: Re-styling my Favourite Skirt

31 Dec 2014

I'm a big believer in wearing things more than once. Remember that old fashion rule that you shouldn't be seen in the same thing more than once? I would say get rid of it, but in the theme of things, how about we recycle it? The manufacture of clothing has huge environmental, social and economic impacts, so not re-wearing clothes you've bought isn't just a strain on your own bank account, it's a strain on a lot of natural and human resources. On top of that, if something is designed really well, it's a great compliment to the designer for you to want to wear it again and again. I have a skirt from Modcloth that I really love. It's called the Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral and it is my go to item for most occasions. So for today's guest blog post on Jeans and a Teacup, I'm going to show you how I style one skirt five different ways.

Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone had a fabulous festive season. I enjoyed Christmas with my family in Ballarat. I know these pictures are much later than expected, and I apologise for the delay. I am currently without internet so preparing blog posts is much more difficult than it should be. In the meantime while I prepare some other posts for your enjoyment, enjoy this mini outfit post featuring what I wore on Christmas day.

Natural Curls and My Wardrobe

19 Dec 2014

As I share this blog post with you, I'm being separated from my wardrobe. In the last year I have had several logistical adventures with all of my clothes. The first was when I moved into a beautiful two bedroom cottage, all by myself. As you can imagine, I have a lot of clothes and I needed to a lot of space. I used the second bedroom as a dressing room and decked it out with four shoe racks and three double bar clothes racks. There were many tragic events involved clothes racks collapsing, simply because the clothes racks and rails sold to the general population aren't the same strength and quality as the commercial clothes racks used in retail. I culled a lot of clothes because then I had to move all of what remained to Western Australia.

Collars and Ties

13 Dec 2014

This year I moved to Perth, where summers are hot. I was born and conditioned to the weather of the world in Ballarat, a place which is the punch line to most jokes in Australia about cold temperatures. In preparation for the move, my partner and I began stocking my wardrobe by stopping in at a Perth vintage store every time I visited. The store had a range of clothes that had already been tried and tested in a Western Australian summer so it was a good start to getting myself ready to cope with the heat.

Outfit Remix: Rocking a Neck Tie

8 Dec 2014

Here is a little remix of some blog posts which have featured outfits that include a neck tie or bow tie. I have left out outfits with scarf style neck ties and pussy bow blouses for this one, but may do another later on.

Rooftop Cinema and a Nomination Thing

5 Dec 2014

Being from Ballarat I'm lucky to be a part of a great community of artistic people. They are really welcoming, supportive, creative and beautiful. Anyway, one of the gals from the arts scene recommended me to do a thingy over here on her blog.

Street Art and Spots

1 Dec 2014

I went looking at street art in Perth with my partner recently. He took a couple of photos of me with the art, so here is a little mini outfit post. I do feel a mild amount of guilt each time I am wearing one of these embroidered cardigans during a blog post. I have blogged them a lot, but they are comfortable. I adore them and I firmly dismiss the idea that people can't see in the something more than once. Wearing things again and again gives them worth. It rewards good design and promotes more sustainable clothing habits. Given that I keep wearing these cardigans regularly, I hope you like them.

London Court, Birds and Bow Ties

28 Nov 2014

My brother is in town this week (just after my best friend Mel went home). I've been doing lots of tourist things, which has been lovely. One of my favourite spots in the city is the very touristy London Court. The arcade was built in the 30s for a chap called Claude de Bernales in an Elizabethan style. It has shops on the bottom levels with cute cast iron signs. Up the top there are glass bay windows with overhanging flowers. Originally the top level was to be inner city residential living, but  today it's mainly offices.

Mint, Pink, Gingham and Floral

24 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears pink gingham pinup knit blouse from Review, pink Alannah Hill belt and mint and pink floral skirt and mint shoes from Modcloth.

Another busy week and not much to show for it. It has been one of those weeks where you work so hard to stay in the same spot and you can't get ahead. This is usual of the end of a year and I'm sure it won't slow down until after the Christmas period. I've had a visit from one of my best friends this weekend, and the time has flown by. In Perth, time seems to be marked by the blooming and falling of Jacaranda blossoms. The purple flowers line the streets and parks, and they lay down a royal carpet as the days roll by. Their blossoms catch on the strong Perth wind and float to the ground, like the ticking by of each second on the clock of the earth. Tick, tick, tick. 

Hummingbirds and Pastel Tartan

16 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia pastel tartan dress, Alannah Hill headband, Princess Highway pink embroidered bird cardigan and Modcloth shoes and earrings.

I may or may not have loved this cardigan so much that I bought it in more than one colour. I usually love only one Review dress in each collection and this one was it meant for me.

A Love Letter to Perth

8 Nov 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia tennis top, purple cardigan and love letter midi skirt with yellow neck tie, mint Modcloth earrings and mint sandals by BAIT footwear.
Writing is one of my favourite things. I've loved it all of my life and I don't give it as much attention as I should. I love writing poetry, stories, memoirs, all of it. I also love writing letters. Currently my entire writing equipment (apart from my rad German typewriter) is in storage, so a big sorry shout out to all my pen pals out there. I know I have some outstanding letters to send, which won't get to you until after Christmas.

Embroidered Birds, Gingham and Peter Pan Collars

31 Oct 2014

Today I want to start by thanking Jamie over at Petite Panoply for her kind words about one of my outfits! You're a spunk and I'm blushing madly!

Liana of Finding Femme wears dangerfield gingham dress, princess highway embroidered bird cardigan, naturalizer shoes and black bowler hat.

My photographer's hands have healed up enough that we managed a small photo set today which I hope you enjoy.

Cotton Summer Dresses

17 Oct 2014

A long while ago I came across a beautiful picture on Pinterest of some beautiful dresses, made from vintage sheets. The image is from the blog for unique dresses handmade by Naughty Shorts.

Bookish Delights and Reading Style

10 Oct 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears plum Modcloth midi skirt, wedge heel oxfords, and Modcloth navy polka dot peter pan collar blouse.

It his highly appropriate that this week's outfit photo set has aligned with J.K Rowling announcing new Harry Potter world stories. Books, stories and written adventures are one of the biggest parts of my life and have brought me plenty of happiness since I was young. I came to Harry Potter later than I should (I think I was in my mid teens when I started reading), and I used my favourite of the books in these pictures. That was simply because I liked the way the maroon cover clashed with my plum skirt.

Floral, Carnival and the Perth Royal Show

3 Oct 2014

Liana of Finding Femme at the Perth Royal Show wearing Review Australia floral dress and purple cardigan with Wheels and Dollbaby belt

When I was young my grandparents had a house by the beach in St Leonards. One of my favourite memories of our time spent around those beach towns was my grandmother teaching me how to play the clowns at the fair. It is still ritual with me now, and I made to sure stick with it while attending the Perth Royal Show.

Photoshop and Finding Femme: Let's Talk the Beauty Truth

28 Sept 2014

There is a lot of healthy movement online at the moment on the topic of unrealistic expectations of beauty. There have been public calls for transparency in regards to the digital manipulation of images used to present 'beautiful' women in advertising. Delightfully Tacky wrote a great piece on it over on her blog here, with some great example images. Her examples include ribs, rolls, thighs and size all being erased in order to prepare an image for public consumption.

Cherry Blossoms, Skirts and Ikebana

19 Sept 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears wine coloured shirt, Modcloth ikebana tapestry floral midi skirt, Modcloth suede berry coloured heels.

We have welcomed September with the first days of spring. Yet on Modcloth, one of my regular shopping haunts, the styles have turned to autumn tones. With this changing of season comes the all new style of Ikebana Skirt.

Floral Blazer, Jeans, and Me at the TPFF

12 Sept 2014

Let's all agree that this is exactly what the working uniform would be if I owned some sort of fast food chain. I feel only the floral takes away from the burger-joint look. I'm slowly working on growing out my pixie cut and here is my hair fresh from the new stage of style. I've got some fun news that I'm sort of bursting-at-the-seams to announce, sort-of-terrified about.

What I Wore: August

9 Sept 2014

August may have been the last month of winter for me, but with so much fine weather you could hardly tell. These are not the images of a winter child. I blame Perth.

Budding Spring - Mint Polka Dots

5 Sept 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears mint polka dot Modcloth dress, pint bettie page shoes and pixie cut.

Hooray for the first day of spring. Flowers are starting to bloom and cold days are starting to become inexcusable. 

Floral and Spot

29 Aug 2014

Perth WA, Australia

I know, I know. You have seen this skirt many times before. It is my favourite skirt and I am a big believer in wearing clothes as much as you can. More on that on another day, because I think today is a good day to talk about nostalgia.

Ladylike Clothes - Floral and Flowers

22 Aug 2014

When I was much younger I was quite a tomboy. Being a girl wasn't open to interpretation, it meant floaty, frilly and pastels and things that could blow away in the next strong wind. I was more of an obnoxious stand-your-ground type girl, and no amount of wind howling about my ears was going to blow me away.

Olive Dresses and Flamingos

15 Aug 2014

An old mentor used to say to me 'only boring people get bored'. It's a statement that I have carried with me and thought about often. I remember when I first heard it that I thought that the statement wasn't fair, but it still made me very self aware when I got bored and I put in a conscious effort to get away from the boredom.

Swooning Sunday: Vintage Dresses from Word from the Bird

10 Aug 2014

You might remember a post I did from a little while ago where I met some lovely ladies on the street in Ballarat (see the blog posts here and also at the Tweed Ride here). They were wearing magnificent vintage dresses and we got talking and sharing style. It turned out they run a little Etsy shop called Word from the Bird where they source, curate and then put up for sale original vintage dresses.

Wearing is Daring - Red and Pink

8 Aug 2014

Perth WA, Australia

There are colours that 'shouldn't go together', apparently. It's one of those fashion rules. We've all heard a lot of fashion rules throughout our lives.
- Blue and green should never be seen
- Don't wear navy and black
- Ankle length skirts make you look frumpy
- Socks don't go with sandals
- Pear (and Skittle) body shapes shouldn't wear skinny jeans
- Shoulder pads are ugly
- Big belts aren't fashionable

The thing about most fashion rules is that they change according to what is on trend...

What I Wore: July

3 Aug 2014

It's August already and I am wondering how the time has gone by so quickly! I have been intending to do little 'recaps' of each month's outfits at the end of the month and as yet, haven't done so. Before we head off into another month of outfits, let's take a look at what we did in the last few weeks.

A Nice Holiday

1 Aug 2014

Hyde Park, Vincent Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Wheels and Dollbaby Holiday in Nice dress in black and white gingham with black cardi and straw boater hat at Hyde Park in Perth.

Yesterday at midday we wandered down to Hyde Park. I put on this dress which I have never had the opportunity to wear, because it doesn't fit me. The waist is right, the shoulders are right, but the bust is just too small. I wasn't able to try it on in store and bought it online. Even though  I have other dresses the same brand in the same size, this dress is just impossible for me. This makes me sad, so I thought a single photo shoot to send her off would be fun.

Swooning Sunday: Cath Kidston Pie Funnel

27 Jul 2014

Everyone has something they collect. I unconsciously collect shoes and consciously collect 'pie birds' or 'pie funnels'.

I spotted this one whilst browsing Pinterest and had a swoon. Then I went to the Cath Kidston website to discover they aren't available. I'd really love to add one to my collection.

Confetti - An Iconic Dress at an Iconic Gate

25 Jul 2014

Highgate WA 6003, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia polka dot dress with red Glassons belt and red patent pumps at Perth Oval.

There are things in life that I find difficult to say no to. I think this isn't because of a lack of self discipline or will, but simply because some things are so enjoyable and life is so short that saying no to them is silly. We only get one life and we can't take anything with us at the end. The ancient Egyptians used to bury their dead with things to prepare them in the next life. Tombs of the wealthiest Egyptians would have furniture, precious stones and metal, and sometimes even people. If I was an Egyptian, my tomb would be filled with cookies, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books, telescopes, tea and tea cups and dresses with polka dots.

How I organise my shoes

21 Jul 2014

How I organise my shoe collection using ikea and Stylebook digital wardrobe app.

The thing about having lots of anything is justifying having so much of it by using it. I could be talking about shoes here, but I could also be talking about endless piles of quilting fabric, pairs of earrings, DVDs, mixing bowls or, in my brother's case, Ironlak spray cans. I know that for my part, shoes are regularly and eagerly collected (please, I've had as many people rhyme my name with banana who have called me Imelda so just don't), so I always make sure what I'm adding to my established selection is wearable, goes with clothes I own and isn't superseded by something I already have.

Chocolate Orange and Northern Hemispherism

18 Jul 2014

Golden Point VIC 3350, Australia

I am huge fan of the film (and the book) Chocolat. I love the style of the characters and have been inspired enough by them to start a board on Pinterest in order to get ideas for my own wardrobe from it. View the board here.

I'm on all the things!

15 Jul 2014

Hey there, spunky!

Do you find yourself sharing similar tastes to me? Want to know how you can further indulge in these similar tastes? I'm on a bunch of platforms and each has something a little different.

Black, White and Bougainvillea

11 Jul 2014

Hyde Park, Vincent Street, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Review Australia black and white striped sailor top with Modcloth black midi skirt, bicycle brooch and black felt hat at Hyde Park, Perth.

I very recently made the difficult decision to leave a job and a workplace that I loved and this meant parting from some excellent work colleagues. Over the years working together you gather little treasures of information about each other. After all, these are people that you know intimately on a professional level, we may not necessarily know the many personal dimensions of our work friends. I think this creates an interesting relationship of respect, in that, you respect that the person has a completely separate home/personal identity that you do not know. 

Gingham and Floral

4 Jul 2014

Perth WA, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears Modcloth Academia Ahoy blazer in navy, C Wonder green gingham shirt, Modcloth navy polka dot and floral a-line skirt with red Reid Cycle bike.

I have a new bicycle! I picked up this 6 speed bike from Reid Cycles with matching helmet for short trips to the shops and to tide me over until I can save up for the more upmarket bike that I have my eye on.

In the Navy

27 Jun 2014

Fremantle WA, Australia

Liana of Finding Femme in Fremantle WA wearing vintage chelsea collar dress, nave embroidered cardigan, Modcloth blue suede wedge heels and Review Australia navy 'Willow' winter coat.

In Perth this week it has rained constantly. I'm used to the sort of rain that you can walk around in. In my hometown (3000km away), rain and cold are usual. People live with it, they are used to walking around in it, riding in it. This week in Perth, the rain has come in with storm fronts, billowing on the wind, pelting everything from every angle. You would get less wet standing in a shower.

Giveaway: My Favourite Earrings

24 Jun 2014

In case you hadn't noticed, I have done a couple of blog posts now wearing a distinctive pair of earrings. I love the earrings, and the company that makes them, so I would like to share the love.

Mustard Sunshine and the Metamorphosis

20 Jun 2014

Northbridge WA, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears mustard cardigan, pixie cut, peter pan collar Modcloth blouse with black pussy bow neck tie, high rise skinny jeans and Chelsea Crew shoes in Northbridge, Perth.

There is a saying by Coco Chanel that goes "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

Sailboats and flowers

13 Jun 2014

Liana of Finding Femme wears Modcloth pussy bow blouse, mind and pink floral Modcloth midi skirt, bubblegum pink bettie page heel, pink Alannah Hill belt, navy Laura Ashley embroidered sailboat cardigan.

Many moons ago when I first discovered Laura Ashley I got hooked on a collection with sailboats, bunting and spots. It was my favourite Laura Ashley collection and I haven't seen anything like it since. As I was too poor to invest lots of money in buying the pieces I wanted, I have been watching out for them on eBay ever since. I bought a few things at the time including this bag and dress and the below cardigan with embroidered bunting. 

My Big Wardrobe Sale

10 Jun 2014

I have had to move from having a whole room as my wardrobe, to having a room with a wardrobe. This has meant that I have had to make some huge cuts from my current collection (not all of them happy). It has meant some weeks of sitting around having serious words with myself about 'how often do I actually wear that thing'. I have already done one round of selling and a second load of items are now up.

Off to Hogwarts - Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2014

6 Jun 2014

Western Plains, VIC, Australia
Liana of Finding Femme wears navy Modcloth Academia Ahoy blazer, black necktie, straw boater, green tartan school skirt at Ballarat Train Station for the steam train ride at Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend takes place in May every year on Mothers Day weekend. This year (2014) it was on May 10 and 11. As I organised the FedUni Tweed Ride on the Saturday, I only had the Sunday to explore the activities that were happening. One of my favourite things to do is catch the steam train. It was the last thing we did at the festival and it was just myself and my mum who went. I took my camera with me as I had been taking photos of the event and mum offered to have a go at photographing me for the blog.

Waiting for a train in Ballarat

30 May 2014

Ballarat VIC 3350, Australia

Imagine having a dream that is so clear you could sketch it onto paper. So clear you could colour it for other like minds, and then work with them to bring it to life. This blog post is the result of two dreams. 

Public Form in the Never Ending Summer

23 May 2014

Perth may be the most isolated capital city on the planet, but they have it easy in other areas. Mainly in weather. After spending a week in Perth and enjoying balmy Autumn temperatures I felt bad for all my Victorian friends that were adjusting to the first chilly temperatures of the season. ANZAC day dawn ceremonies in Ballarat were enjoyed with a temp of 2 degrees (Celsius. That's 35.4F). Meanwhile in Perth, I enjoyed the chance to keep strutting about in summer dresses like this sleeveless number.

Remembering Paris

21 May 2014


Here is a throwback to my last visit to Paris with my sister - Goldfields Girl. She is wearing navy, tan and pink colours. I used two different cameras to take these snaps so the last images have a different feel to them. Enjoy!

All I Want is to Ride My Bicycle

16 May 2014

Golden Point VIC 3350, Australia

Liana of Finding Femme riding her Lekker bike in bubblegum pink Bettie Page shoes from Modcloth, Alannah Hill sweater, vintage mint midi skirt with basil pannier bags in Ballarat.

I have a beautiful Lekker bike. It's one of my favourite possessions and people always stop me to say how gorgeous it is. I normally have a basket on the front (thus the black bracket) but in order to use the LED light when days are getting so dark so quickly at the minute, I have taken the basket off.

FedUni Tweed Ride 2014

15 May 2014

For the past three years, I have organised a Tweed Ride in Ballarat as part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend activities. It is an event that I love, as do my friends and family. This year I organised the event through Federation University Australia, who already have a supportive cycling culture within their organisation.

Tuesdays with Tegan - Clunes Booktown

13 May 2014

Feathers and Spots

9 May 2014

This is one of my all time favourite outfits. I don't have much to say about, I just love the simple combination of items.

A Postcard from Carlton North

7 May 2014

One of the biggest challenges to getting my blog active again was having someone to take photos of me. I could take photos until the cows come home, but struggle with having the set up to photograph myself. I find photography is a very dynamic activity (I’m no pro, it’s just a hobby) so setting up a camera with a timer or on a tripod with a remote means I have to move to suit the camera, it can’t follow me and frame me in the best way. 

Black hearts and the history of my straw hat

2 May 2014

Every time I wear this hat, people tell me that they love it. Today’s outfit post was inspired by my last trip to Paris with my sister. This was when the hat returned home, and it has a long story behind it.

Spots and Begonias

30 Apr 2014

Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Gillies Street North, Ballarat VIC 3355

The best time of year to visit the Ballarat Botanic Gardens is in Autumn. If you miss the Begonia Festival, you will at least see the gardens at their best. The gardens were our chosen location for this particular set of pictures.
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