High Tea vs Afternoon Tea

17 Jul 2013

It’s 2012 and my sister and I are doing a High Tea tour of Paris and London. Our first stop was at the historic Fortnum and Mason in London. We were well prepared to add the fine teas of F&M to our list of High Tea experiences: both of us had worked at the Nieder Weisel homestead serving High Tea and taste tested the experience across Victoria. We thought we knew what we were in for.

Macarons vs macaroons: a moot point

9 Jul 2013

I remember being chastised by an employer when I was starting out in the workforce. This particular incident was notable because I had reached that level of working maturity where I understood why I had done what I did, and I felt I was in the right. Yet I happily bowed my head to my boss and nodded to his reprimand until he had dropped that fateful word: irregardless.
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