28 Jan 2013

Last year, I was a little slack with my posts, so allow me to make up for it now with one of the most spiffing events of the year. My beautiful sister and all the ladies of my family are unapologetic monarchists. In line with this we had a Jubilee afternoon tea. This involved proper loose leaf tea, cakes, nice dresses and our best hair. Here are some images for you to enjoy.


Summer baby

25 Jan 2013

Just a casual picture of me on a stupidly hot day, in the pool, wearing a pair of My Sister Pat vintage swimmers and drinking a Pinacolada. This picture won me two tickets to the cinema through my local newspaper.


24 Jan 2013

My sister recently invited me to a masquerade ball, which was a fundraiser for one of her social groups. I, of course, said yes. Most of my reason for saying yes was motivated entirely by the desire to wear this mask that I bought in Venice.


7 Jan 2013

Bike by lianasmooz
Bike, a photo by lianasmooz on Flickr.

Trying not to fall off my bike whilst snapping this picture on a ride last Sunday.

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