Jam jam jam

23 Dec 2013

My strawberry plants have just come out with the first flower of the season.

In honour of this, I decided to make strawberry jam for the first time ever. I didn't have enough strawberries to make jam from my own plants so I sources some from the local grocer.

Cape: Part 2

19 Dec 2013

I went to try on my cape to have the hem adjusted by Clare at Clasch Design. We also put on the buttons. I'm loving the look of it and can't wait for some better photos in New York in the winter weather.

Cape: Part 1

19 Nov 2013

I've been working with Clare Schreenan at Clasch Design on a few delicious new items for my wardrobe. It's quite different to approach a designer with exactly what you want, to imagine it, and to have them bring something from your imagination to life.
This is the first draft of a houndstooth cape we have been working on for my upcoming trip to New York.

High Tea vs Afternoon Tea

17 Jul 2013

It’s 2012 and my sister and I are doing a High Tea tour of Paris and London. Our first stop was at the historic Fortnum and Mason in London. We were well prepared to add the fine teas of F&M to our list of High Tea experiences: both of us had worked at the Nieder Weisel homestead serving High Tea and taste tested the experience across Victoria. We thought we knew what we were in for.

Macarons vs macaroons: a moot point

9 Jul 2013

I remember being chastised by an employer when I was starting out in the workforce. This particular incident was notable because I had reached that level of working maturity where I understood why I had done what I did, and I felt I was in the right. Yet I happily bowed my head to my boss and nodded to his reprimand until he had dropped that fateful word: irregardless.

Photo shoot with Fyxomatosis

24 Mar 2013

Doing a shoot with Andy from FYXO was fun, and a challenge. His shoots boast “hot chicks and hot bikes” in a way that most photographers fail to capture. His life and love of bikes is always clearly represented in his shots by the care and taste he demonstrates when representing both bike and rider.

A little bit of black

21 Mar 2013

I bought a faux fur stole today from Miss Behavin that I am in love with. If you are from Ballarat, find their store next to Gee Cees on Sturt.

Valerie Joy Wain 1930 - 2013

3 Mar 2013

Month of Letters: A surprise from Italy

22 Feb 2013

After our visit to Il Papiro in Melbourne, I had a timely catch up with Ryan from the Ink and Pen Postal Fellowship. His sister, recently returned from Italy, came home with the most exquisite gifts. Our conversation at Il Papiro about quill tips, including the sort of quill used to mark music staves was timely. As if we had sent her a letter advising her of our conversation, she gifted him with the below amazing collection on her return home.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2012 - Vintage Fashion Parade

11 Feb 2013

My gosh I am behind in my posts! I haven't even told you everything about the absolutely brilliant Heritage Weekend that we had last May and the next one is nearly upon us.

Ballarat Heritage Weekend 2012

7 Feb 2013


Heritage Weekend 2012 began with a tour of one of my favourite buildings in Ballarat. The Ballarat Mechanics Institute has recently undergone some significant restorations which included returning the old cinema to its former state as a single level theatre. All the heritage colours have been restored and the room can now be hired. The barrels above were for mixing up raffle tickets and are on display in the library.

Month of Letters - the good word

6 Feb 2013

Earlier this year I was featured on the cover of The Ballarat News with Ryan Parker for the Ink and Pen Postal Fellowship. For those of you who missed the article, here is a scanned copy.

Il Papiro - Melbourne

5 Feb 2013

The best way to start this Month of Letters is with the right equipment. That means a trip to Il Papiro...


28 Jan 2013

Last year, I was a little slack with my posts, so allow me to make up for it now with one of the most spiffing events of the year. My beautiful sister and all the ladies of my family are unapologetic monarchists. In line with this we had a Jubilee afternoon tea. This involved proper loose leaf tea, cakes, nice dresses and our best hair. Here are some images for you to enjoy.


Summer baby

25 Jan 2013

Just a casual picture of me on a stupidly hot day, in the pool, wearing a pair of My Sister Pat vintage swimmers and drinking a Pinacolada. This picture won me two tickets to the cinema through my local newspaper.


24 Jan 2013

My sister recently invited me to a masquerade ball, which was a fundraiser for one of her social groups. I, of course, said yes. Most of my reason for saying yes was motivated entirely by the desire to wear this mask that I bought in Venice.


7 Jan 2013

Bike by lianasmooz
Bike, a photo by lianasmooz on Flickr.

Trying not to fall off my bike whilst snapping this picture on a ride last Sunday.

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