Aprons and ladies

27 Dec 2012

Aprons and ladies by lianasmooz
Aprons and ladies, a photo by lianasmooz on Flickr.
Christmas evening in the kitchen.

The Love Bug

11 Dec 2012

The pre show video for The Love Bag Fashion show last week.

The Love Bug from Gabrielle Hingston on Vimeo.

I love your dress

21 Nov 2012

I love your dress.

Yeah I know, darling. So do I.

Chitra's Closet: Would you like to be a Love Bug?

16 Nov 2012

It was a cold day, which in Ballarat is not a surprise, when I got the call from Chitra Magnma. She was her usual whirlwind self on the phone when she asked me ‘I would like you to be face of my final collection, would you be willing to?’ Her question excited me so much I was stumped for what to say for a few moments before I bumbled something that told her I was willing.

The first time I met Chitra in person was at her shop in Brunswick during one of her wild fashion shows. It was a winter collection and she had invited me after she found my blog online.

Safe harbour

7 Oct 2012

A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for. - Grace Murray Hopper

It is at this moment so late in life that I understand all of this sailing along the shoreline was practice. After all the checking of the sails and the ropes and my hands being calloused with understanding, I know that I was meant to chart my own course. I have left it so late now, that the shoreline is not only all I know, it is all I feel I am experienced enough to understand. I see land on one side, and the endless horizon of sky and sea on the other.

Pretty little Polli

3 Apr 2012

I can't be the only girl in the world that wants to buy everything. I mean, really. I spend plenty of time drooling over all the awesome things I want to buy. They build up in my head until I swear some fall out my out my ears. That has to happen because I want so many things yet a week later I can't recall what they all were. I probably end up buying 0.2% of the things I want. Maybe less. I want a lot of things.

One fun way for me to keep track is to blog about it. So, here are more things I want to buy. Eventually. Maybe. If they don't overflow from my head by next pay day.

Pretty in pink

26 Mar 2012

Here is a picture of a pretty tea set at The Vintage China Company.
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