Purple Flowers

14 Nov 2019

There are days when writing a blog post feels as natural as making a cup of tea. There are days when it feels like walking through airport security and forgetting how to function my limbs without thinking about them. Today is the latter. I just wrote a blog post that could have been read with the awkward bumbling of a Hugh Grant/Jane Austen character about navigating being an introvert with imposter syndrome. Then I deleted it all. Let's try again.

I saw this purple bush again and decided I wanted to do another shoot with it. Here is the shoot I did with it last time

This time I wanted to show a bit of the process that goes into making a shoot, but it's so simple that it can hardly fill a whole blog post. But heck, let's give this a go: *insert Hugh Grant being awkward gif*

When I get a blog idea they often brew away for months and months and months. Sometimes they happen really quickly on a single day. This one I've been thinking about for a few weeks. I knew this bush/tree was here and that it would start blooming soon. When it finally did and I saw the colour again, I couldn't decide what to shoot with it. Until I saw this By Johnny dress on the Instagram of Lucida Boutique. Lucida Boutique is a local dress hire company. I love them because of their awesome range of sizes and the great varied selection of dress. If I'm ever going to a wedding in the future I'll probably stop in there for something. Anyway, I contacted them and to my delight it was available and they were happy to loan it to me for this shoot. Thanks for the support again Lucida Boutique!

Next was finding someone to shoot with me. My usual people were all occupied. My newest photography recruit, my buddy Olivia, is in full-on rehearsals for a new show. My sister was hosting our family dinner. So I asked my body Zara. Zara and I went to the great ocean road together and also launched a YouTube channel at the same time as me. I knew she was free this night so I hit her up to have a little adventure. 

She came with me while I did some basic makeup and got dressed. We travelled to the spot and to my delight the dress matched the tree perfectly!

We didn't get the light I was hoping for but it was still a lot of fun creating the vision I wanted which was basically the silhouette of this dress and the bow in front of this tree.

For a bonus, here are some pictures of Zara looking cute and helping me shoot.

- L

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